Millions of Electric Cars Are Coming. What Happens to All the Dead Batteries?

That wasn’t much of a problem when EVs were rare. But now the technology is taking off. Several carmakers have said they plan to phase out combustion engines within a few decades, and industry analysts predict at least 145 million EVs will be on the road by 2030, up from just 11 million last year.

By Ian Morse

Global Research, May 24, 2021Science 20 May 2021

The battery pack of a Tesla Model S is a feat of intricate engineering. Thousands of cylindrical cells with components sourced from around the world transform lithium and electrons into enough energy to propel the car hundreds of kilometers, again and again, without tailpipe emissions. But when the battery comes to the end of its life, its green benefits fade. If it ends up in a landfill, its cells can release problematic toxins, including heavy metals. And recycling the battery can be a hazardous business, warns materials scientist Dana Thompson of the University of Leicester. Cut too deep into a Tesla cell, or in the wrong place, and it can short-circuit, combust, and release toxic fumes.

That’s just one of the many problems confronting researchers, including Thompson, who are trying to tackle an emerging problem: how to recycle…

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2 thoughts on “Millions of Electric Cars Are Coming. What Happens to All the Dead Batteries?

  1. This is an excellent question… Michael Moore took a lot of heat from the environmentalists when he released his documentary ‘Planet of the Humans’… My take away from his documentary is that ‘electric cars are not actually environmentally friendly YET’… The mining needed to collect, already RARE metals, (for the batteries) is NOT any kinder to the planet than oil/coal mining.. Last I looked, there was still not efficient technology to RECYCLE the batteries and wind turbines – not to mention that it takes PETRO to get the ball rolling for both…

    Shouldn’t we have evolved to a planet that resembles ‘the Jetsons’ rather than being STUCK with same old, all these decades?…

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