Delegate Registration for Article V Convention

Congress has not formally proposed an amendment to the states in over a generation (30+ years)…

…which is why the American government looks the way it currently does—because corporate lobbyists are often former members of Congress. Public government is gridlocked with private interests and whatever group can throw the most money at a campaign chest (each member of Congress spends half their time in office dining and dialing for dollars). The common sense of the Constitution provides for amendments and additional protections against emerging threats to society.

Americans have informally discussed the idea of a “constitutional convention” for decades and most mainstream editorials refer to it as a risk, as if merely debating amendments might somehow lead to a wholesale rewrite of the Constitution even though ratification requires 75%+ approval for any change to occur. Indeed, 3/4 approval of the whole is a political principle which mathematically precludes Republican/Democrat issues from ever becoming part of our supreme law.

Recent legal action, scholarship, and re-discovered congressional records show clearly and unequivocally that Congress is holding the American people, hostage, by denying the right to formally discuss the collective situation.

Convention: May 25th, 2021

The constitutional requirement for a convention has been satisfied many times over, there are hundreds of state applications on record, and one session of Congress after another simply ignores its obligation to issue the call. That being the case, there shall be a convention May 25th, 2021, and your country needs you to participate as delegate. Because delegates will not be tasked with reinventing the wheel, but to simply vote on amendments, we imagine the process will last a few weeks at most and require no more time than one spends on social media already.

My name is John De Herrera, I was a co-founder of the national group Friends Of The Article V Convention (FOAVC). Michigan Chief Justice Tom Brennan and constitutional scholar/legal activist Bill Walker, sadly, have recently passed. Their passing prompted me to build this site with a forum secured in a cloud. There will be no cookies or advertising, just Americans discussing amendment language, and putting it to an up or down vote. The National Floor opens May 25th. The State Floors are now open, feel free to post pet amendment(s) to your state floor.



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