Bill And Melinda Gates Announce Divorce

The big question for me is who gets custody of the foundation?

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

May 3rd, 2021

Bill and Melinda Gates are in some ways an odd couple.

They have made the decision to get divorced.

Divorce is a double edged sword, in that I don’t know if I’m happy for them or a bit sad.

To complicate matters as far as divorce is concerned, they will soon find out as other couples have, who their true friends are/were.

My guess would be that many so called friends got off on saying that they had dinner with the Bill and Malinda.

Appropriate Music: Lorri Morgan and the Beach Boys, “Don’t Worry Baby.”

The who’s next phenomenon?

Meaning that divorces can happen in clusters among friends.

You wake up one morning and think everything is fine and the first words out of her mouth are, “I want to get divorced,” or vice versa.

Forbes Staff

Melissa Holzberg

Bill and Melinda Gates…

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