Vaccine Makers Destroy COVID Vaccine Safety Studies

‘By eliminating control groups, we’ll have no way of really proving the harm that these “vaccines” might impart over time, as all participants will be in the same proverbial boat.’

Counter Information

By Dr. Joseph Mercola

Global Research, April 20, 2021Mercola

Makers of COVID-19 vaccines are now destroying long-term safety studies by unblinding their trials and giving the control groups the active vaccine, claiming it is “unethical” to withhold an effective vaccine.

In so doing, they make it virtually impossible to assess any long-term safety and effectiveness, and the true benefit versus cost.

It’s ironic, because vaccine mandates are being justified on the premise that the benefit to the community is more important than an individual’s risk of harm. Yet vaccine manufacturers are saying that participants in the control groups are harmed by not getting the vaccine, and saving the individual is more important than securing the data needed to make public health decisions.

Getting the active vaccine comes with risk, not merely benefit. This is particularly true for the novel mRNA technology used in COVID-19 vaccines.

As of April 1…

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