COVID-1984: The Lockdown Paradigm Is Collapsing – By Jeffrey Tucker

As best anyone can tell, the idea of locking down when faced with a new virus emerged in the US and the UK around 2005-2006. It started with a small group of fanatics who dissented from traditional public health. They posited that they could manage a virus by dictating people’s behavior: how closely they stood next to each other, where they travelled, what events they attended, where they sat and for how long. They pushed the idea of closures and restrictions, which they branded “nonpharmaceutical interventions” through “targeted layered containment.” What they proposed was medieval in practice but with a veneer of computer science and epidemiology. When the idea was first floated, it was greeted with ferocious opposition. Over time, the lockdown paradigm made progress, with funding from the Gates Foundation and more recruits from within academia and public health bureaucracies.


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  • “…Meanwhile, in Congressional hearings, Representative James Jordan (R-OH) demanded that Dr. Fauci account for why closed Michigan has worse disease prevalence than neighboring Wisconsin which has long been entirely open. Faucipretendedhe couldn’t hear the question, couldn’t see the chart, and then didn’t understand. Finally he just sat there silent after having uttered a few banalities about enforcement differentials”

The Lockdown Paradigm Is Collapsing – By Jeffrey Tucker

It’s taken much longer than it should have but at last it seems to be happening: the lockdown paradigm is collapsing. The signs are all around us.

The one-time hero of the lockdown, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, is now deeply unpopular and most voterswant him to resign. Meanwhile, pollshave started to favorFlorida governor and lockdown opponent Ron DeSantis for influence over the GOP in the future. This remarkable flip in fortunes is…

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3 thoughts on “COVID-1984: The Lockdown Paradigm Is Collapsing – By Jeffrey Tucker

    • Denying the Demonic — Global Research

      “I am interested in asking why so many people can’t accept that radical evil is real. Is that a right-wing question? Of course not. It’s a human question that has been asked down through the ages.

      I do think we are today in the grip of “radical evil”, “demonic forces”. The refusal to see and accept this is not new.”


  1. No, nomad, I don’t think the question of radical evil is a right wing question. In my view capitalism is a radically evil proposition that allows radically evil people to flourish at the expense of the majority of the population.


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