Heavy Shelling Is Being Reported In Ukraine As Russian Television Discusses A Possible “Nuclear Strike” — The Economic Collapse

The Biden administration appears committed to a nuclear war with Russia.

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A new war in Ukraine would be bad for the entire globe, but we might just get one anyway. Once the Biden administration took control of the White House, they decided to wage a campaign of maximum pressure against Russia, and Ukraine is one of the key tools that they are using. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky never would have signed Decree No. 117/2021 on March 24th without the encouragement of the Biden administration, and the extremely aggressive statements about Crimea in that document deeply alarmed the Russians. Even more importantly, it appears that the Ukrainians were secretly preparing a massive offensive against areas of eastern Ukraine that are held by the separatists. If those areas could have been captured before Russia could react, that would have been a massive victory for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and the Biden administration. But the Russians caught wind of what was going on, and…

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7 thoughts on “Heavy Shelling Is Being Reported In Ukraine As Russian Television Discusses A Possible “Nuclear Strike” — The Economic Collapse

  1. What is the Biden administration up to? Are their world politics any better than the previous administration’s?

    “If Zelensky and the Biden administration would have left things alone, we wouldn’t be on the verge of war today.
    But now tensions in the region are extremely high, and a major conflict could break out at any moment. The following is an example of how the current state of affairs is being viewed in Russia…”

    I reckon this seems to be pretty scary!! Who on earth is now worried about this situation?

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  2. This is what our new socialist/communist leader wants. War and destruction. JUst like Pope Francis encourages with his “go out and make a mess” What a terror! All leading to less people for the new world order to contend with. Just my fears …How we need the will of God to be carried out and Russia consecrated to Mary’s Immaculate Heart. Mary help us, help we pray…


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