With Ratings Down, the Networks Hunt For a Trump Replacement

With Trump gone (and the outrage fabricated by a hysterical Democratic Party portraying him as an imminent threat to human existence), TV ratings have collapsed. Is TV newstainment a sunset industry?”

Trump saved the cable news business once. Without him, things are looking bleak again. Who will they find to feed the outrage machine?

By Matt Taibbi

March 19, 2021 “Information Clearing House” –  Variety just published a graph that should horrify cable news executives:

This data, showing significant declines in all of the major primetime cable news shows, came in a piece called, “Cable News Ratings Begin To Suffer Trump Slump.” Gavin Bridge of the Variety Intelligence Platform explained:

VIP has previously covered theinitial ratings declineFox News, MSNBC and, most of all, CNN, saw in President Biden’s first week, as the nonstop controversies of the previous administration slowed down.

Our prediction thataudiences would perk upfor President Trump’s second impeachment trial proved correct. But in the weeks after the trial ended, audiences for…

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3 thoughts on “With Ratings Down, the Networks Hunt For a Trump Replacement

  1. Why isn’t the press allowed to elaborate on Bidens controversies?… It is mostly alternative media that points out the problems with the Biden admin.. One would think they would be forced to talk about his mess too…


  2. Personally, I think the powers-that be are aware that most Americans get their information from social media – that’s why they’re so quick to shut down any social media accounts that dissent from the official narrative. As far as I can see, Biden’s press managers are going out of their way to set him up for embarrassing photo shoots – the one with him falling up the stairs to Air Force One is classic. It seems to me the oligarchs are intent on installing Harris – one of the most unpopular of the Democratic primary candidates. It would seem the strategy they have chosen is to make Biden appear as pathetic as possible.


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