The Stone Age: The Prehistoric Origins of European Peoples.

Secrets of the Stone Age

DW (2018)

Film Review

The main focus of this documentary is the massive stone monuments (eg Stonehenge) all human civilizations built between 6,000 and 2,000 BC and the steady migration of farming peoples from the Middle East to Western Europe during the same period.

In Part 1, archeologists explain how they use DNA and isotope analysis to trace the Middle Eastern origin of prehistoric human and cattle remains they find in Europe. Their findings reveal that following the 10,000 BC agricultural revolution, groups of farmers gradually migrated (by sea and overland) from northern Iran and Anatolia* as far west as the Europe’s western coast.

Large stone monoliths are found throughout the Mediterranean and along the west coast of continental Europe, Britain, Ireland and Scotland. These monoliths aren’t present where migrants traveled overland through the Balkans (where they lacked access large boulders). There’s growing evidence they built similar massive structures out of wood. The latter is more prone to decay.

*Anatolia is a large peninsula in northern Turkey.

Part 2 is mainly concerned with 7,000 BC stone edifices (used as homes, livestock pens, and tombs)recently  discovered in southwest Jordan. According to archeologists, these structures represent the oldest known “sedentary”* culture (the Ba’ja) in the world.

This episode also looks at research into the technologies used to transport and position stone monuments that could weigh as much as 130 tonnes. There is compelling evidence the stones were transported over water in massive sailing vessels and over flat inland distances with ramps and teams of oxen.

Fertility statues from this period, along with cultural artifacts found in Stone Age tombs, suggest men and women shared equal status during this period. Likewise forensic examination of skeletal remains reveals a total absence of warfare during this period.

*In cultural anthropology, sedentism refers to the practice of living in one area over and extended period – in contrast to hunter gatherers who were nomadic.


4 thoughts on “The Stone Age: The Prehistoric Origins of European Peoples.

  1. It’s always interesting to try looking back into prehistoric times when no records or reliable systems where in place to lay out the facts for future generations to comb through and get a highly accurate encapsulation of that period.
    But I say don’t be quick to accept the so called evidence of scientists tracing human history and coming up with pet theories! We see what scientists and doctors have just pulled off creating a worldwide mass hysteria and PSYOP to cater to the NWO strategists and power mongers! Look at how Dr. Fauci and others like him have lied through their teeth continually and still are right out in the open! Just like some climate scientists manipulate the data to suit their own purposes in order to secure grant money or the like! Many are extreme leftist individuals that have an agenda which isn’t reality! Climate Change is inevitable and not controlled by human activity but is tied to Galactic and Geothermal causal processes that mere humans have no hope of ever interfering with to alter or change the entire systems, that are out of our hands. Nuclear weapons could wipe out most life on the planet in a huge exchange perhaps leaving behind microbes that would potentially flourish but the solar system and universe would still carry on and eventually whatever could form or survive on earth would come along many eons down the road. But, this is beside the point which is there are way too many people with agendas who tailor data or even fudge it to claim they have the bottom-line. Many times the data or so called hard evidence is bogus or misinterpreted. We’re not talking absolutes here. Carbon 14 date testing which was considered the holy grail of indicating time lines over eons has been shown to be inaccurate in some instances or not so absolute.
    I don’t believe these people know what they are talking about sometimes or if they do know something special, sometimes they cover it up. Like the fact that there was a global flood and humanity sprung forth again after it. That’s biblical but it’s also very true. But not all scientists accept it, it probably interferes with their own theory.


  2. After 50+ years of ridiculing the possibility of aliens and UFOs, I now believe that there probably was a different race of inhabitants way back 100s of thousands, maybe millions! of years ago. And that people like us have existed in pockets of jungles and mountains all over the world for way longer than we’re told. There are remains of giants and people with huge long skulls.. After going down a fascinating rabbit hole starting with Graham Hancock. I believe the pyramids and stonehenge, etc were part of a system to create sound energy, and that ancient pictures from aborigines to egyptians showing flying crafts and other technological things were real! Much was swept away by the great flood and the meteor that struck 11,000 years ago, and after that some civilisations made rapid advances – one theory is that a few of the amazing alien type people interbred then with people and passed on some of their advanced knowledge.
    I do not believe that people were always fighting, but that it’s another myth of the propoganda we’re fed to justify the wars and racism etc. Colonialism – Europeans – did such huge damage, and still.
    So many possibilities all hidden – as well described in the comment by Lawrence M. I only disagree with calling the fascist, corporate, satanic even, agenda leftist.. in the same way I don’t like the way the words socialism and communism are used to describe the nasty things going on. Because it confuses the issue of the strggling few remaining socialist countries/parties in Sth America and elsewhere. Right and left seem to be on the same side in the west… all for the bankster, warmongering, lying, corrupt global elite destroying the planet.
    Thank you Stuart for all your posts, my morning news. Very much appreciated.


  3. Good point, Lawrence. In my view, good science always involves debate over competing theories and evidence. That’s where the so-called “Covid science” falls down in not allowing evidence that competes with the official view.


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