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Virologist: ‘We Are Going to Pay Huge Price’ for COVID Mass Vaccination Campaign

By Children’s Health Defense Team

In an open letter to WHO and in a follow-up video interview, Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, says that by vaccinating everyone with a vaccine that doesn’t prevent transmission, we are destroying people’s immune systems, and setting the stage for a global health disaster.

Bossche says the COVID vaccines approved so far have been developed by “just brilliant” people and he has no criticism of them  But, as he tells Dr. Phillip McMillan in an interview, “please use the right vaccine at the right place. And don’t use it in the heat of a pandemic on millions of millions of people.”

Bossche says that a mass vaccination campaign in the middle of a pandemic, with vaccines that don’t prevent transmission, is disastrous at an individual — and at a global — level:

“We are going to pay a huge price for this. And I’m becoming emotional because I’m thinking of my children, of the younger generation. I mean, it’s just impossible what we are doing. We don’t understand the pandemic.”

In an open letter to the World Health Organization (WHO), Bossche wrote that  “we are currently turning vaccinees into asymptomatic carriers shedding infectious variants.”

Bossche hasn’t heard back from WHO, which concerns him.

Watch the video:

Read the interview transcript:



11 thoughts on “Virologist: ‘We Are Going to Pay Huge Price’ for COVID Mass Vaccination Campaign

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  2. If people haven’t figured out the blacklisting of experts is evidence of something very wrong occurring with the COVID situation, the media blackout and ignoring by the WHO of the utterly sincere Geert Vanden Bossche’s message should leave zero doubt..


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  5. I am very concerned about the imminent restrictions for unvaccinated people. The introduction of ‘vaccinated passports’ which will allow ‘them’ freedom unavailable to the non vaccinated. What human rights do the unvaccinated have?


    • The short answer, Alexis, is that no one has human rights at this point as far as government is concerned. Where I live people are organizing mutual aid networks independent of government and corporate society.


  6. We don’t know, Marjorie. It’s never been studied. Since the thalidomide scandal of the 50s and 60s, it’s been considered malpractice to give pregnant women and growing children totally untested medications except under experimental conditions.


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