Joe’s Long Decline

In my humble opinion, this is elder abuse.

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Source: Sally Zelikovsky

In their desperation for a president they could manipulate and in her zeal to be FLOTUS, the Democrat Party and Jill Biden offered Joe Biden as a sacrificial lamb to gain power — forcing the rest of us to watch, in real time, the disintegration of a human being suffering from dementia. As far as I’m concerned, this is elder abuse that ranks right up there with the criminal actions of Democrat governors in sending tens of thousands of seniors to their early graves via COVID.

They can prop Joe up, but he increasingly stumbles in interviews, his public appearances are shorter, his press conferences nonexistent, and his jogs up to the dais have been replaced with him tottering off stage like Tim Conway’s Duane Toddleberry.

Not only does Kamala escort him off stage after standing legs athwart, masked in black like the Hand of the…

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8 thoughts on “Joe’s Long Decline

  1. It was obvious to me that Joe lost his ‘filter’ long ago, when I heard him admit on camera that he he withheld money from Ukraine UNTIL they ‘fired the prosecutor investigating Burisma’ -the oil company his son was working for… That was NOT something he would confess to, if he was in control of his faculties!… (a huge admission of quid pro quo and still no investigation BTW)..

    I was rather shocked to see Trump defend Biden in his CPac speech when he said “Joe wasn’t lying, he doesn’t know what he is doing”… If you watch international news, you will discover that the world is laughing at Joe Biden… I agree with the article, this is ‘Exploitation of a Vulnerable Adult’ and is PUNISHABLE by Law… This is a criminal act that we are witnessing…

    Consider how Senators/Reps write laws that PROTECT Vulnerable Adults and NOBODY blows the whistle on what is going on here.. I never like Joe when he had is marbles but now, I feel ever so sorry for him…


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  3. Deb, I only recently learned that Biden personally ran Obama’s foreign policy – including all the illegal drone strikes on Pakistan and Yemen, the fascist coup in Ukraine and the weekly assassination lists of American citizen. But as you point out, he’s a vulnerable adult. What’s wrong with his children that they allow him to become an international figure of ridicule?


    • JB is a vulnerable adult but he had his faculties WHEN he started the corruption.. According to Hun-ters former biz partner, ‘this is a FAMILY business’ … includes his kids, and brother James and James’ wife… Some of the above statement is also CONFIRMED by the emails on the H. Buy-den computer.. The emails are pretty detailed, as are (EXPLICIT sex videos- Hnter considers himself a porn star, even videos of sex with FAMILY MEMBERS ).. This is a VERY SICK FAMILY.. Bobulinski turned over ALL evidence he had and then he moved his family and hired 24/7 protection.. (TRUTH can be deadly)
      video here

      Word is that ‘IF J Buy-den did not become president, Chy-na would RELEASE JBuy-dens black male videos- which makes as to WHY 5 states shut down in the middle of the night and then JB had the SUDEN SPIKE for the WIN!..

      FOX News host Tucker Carlson interviewed former Hunter Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski about his alleged dealings with Hunter and Joe Biden. Bobulinski explained how Biden would personally benefit from a stake in a Chinese business deal. Unlike the Russia witch-hunt against President Trump, this interview is full of facts backed up by documentation of the Biden family’s business dealings with China and other countries when Joe Biden was Vice President of the United States.

      Joe Biden claims that he had no knowledge of Hunter Biden’s business dealings and he was not involved in them at all.

      However, there’s rock-solid proof that Joe Biden discussed business transactions and was involved in business with his son, Hunter Biden.


      • P.S. The point I was trying to make is that the whole family PROFITS so why would they change anything?.. As long as foreign leaders can BUY access to JB, to do their bidding, nothing will change… Does that arrangement look like this family actually ‘loves or cares’ for this man?.. Thing is, I do not see HOW courts can put the demented on trial… Do you?.. Which means, JB gets away with it if any prosecution is attempted, right????


          • He is protected, our whole justice system is corrupt, in my opinion.. The FBI had H.Buydens lap top for almost 2 years and did NOTHING.. Tells me that people in that agency are ‘getting a piece of the pie’… Remember, Tony Bobulinski and the guy who worked on the lap top, contacted the FBI/DOJ… and were ignored.. We are in serious trouble over here…


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