RFK Jr: Vaccines, the 1986 Vaccine Injury Act and CIA Assassinations

RFK Jr Interview with Patrick Bet Jr

Valuetainment (2020)


For me the high points of this interview begin with the revelation that the US government doesn’t vaccines to be safety tested. As Kennedy explains, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) was initially an agency of the US military. Founded in 1946, it’s original purpose was to protect US citizens from a hypothetical biological warfare attack. The goal was to mass vaccinate the population quickly without undergoing the 2-5 years of testing required for regulatory approval.

He goes on to talk about the enactment of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, signed into law by Ronald Reagan in 1986. The latter offers vaccine manufacturers blanket immunity against vaccine injuries. It also set up the National Vaccine Injury Program, which pays out hundreds of millions of dollars every year to children who suffer permanent injuries from vaccines.

According to Kennedy, the US vaccine schedule expanded exponentially following the 1986 Act, from three vaccines to 72 separate vaccine doses at present. Along with the increase vaccine exposure, came an epidemic of 420 chronic diseases, including food allergies, eczema, autism,* asthma, ADHD, SIDS and autoimmune diseases (all reported on the package inserts, as required by law).

I was also intrigued to learn about Kennedy’s friendship with late Fox News founder Roger Ailes, the mysterious cancellation of the vaccine commission Trump promised us following his election and the dubious (pre-Covid19) history of mRNA vaccines.

My favorite part of the film (starting at 2.13.37) concerns Kennedy’s insights into the JFK and Bobby Kennedy assassinations. Kennedy describes interviewing numerous CIA officials and members of the CIA Cuban exile group Alpha 66 for his 2019 book American Values. There is no question in his mind that the CIA was behind assassination.

From his CIA interviews, Kennedy learned that Oswald was a CIA asset** at the time of his supposed “defection” to the Soviet Union. The purpose of Oswald’s mission (which failed) was to try to expose a KGB mole at Langley. The Warren Commission was able to hide Oswald’s links to the CIA until the 1975 House Committee on Assassinations reopened the investigations.

When asked about his father’s assassination, Kennedy says he originally believed the official narrative that Sirhan Sirhan was the assassin – until Paul Schrade, one of the men wounded by Sirhan, offered him  convincing evidence otherwise. Schrade continues to fight for Sirhan’s release to this day.

According to forensic evidence, the two bullets that killed Robert F Kennedy couldn’t have been fired by Sirhan’s gun. All the evidence points to them originating from Eugene Cesar’s gun. The latter was a security guard and CIA asset, who died in 2019 as RFK Jr was trying to set up an interview in the Philippines.

*Kennedy refers viewers to an excellent article by J.B. Handley summarizing the research evidence linking vaccines and autism: https://jbhandleyblog.com/home/2018/4/1/international2018

**At the time of the JFK assassination, the late Western Hemisphere Chief of Operations David Atlee Phillips was Oswald’s CIA case officer.*

5 thoughts on “RFK Jr: Vaccines, the 1986 Vaccine Injury Act and CIA Assassinations

  1. Dr. Bramhall,
    It’s now 2:10 A.M., my time, and I just commented on one or your other post about Heath, the man who has been apprehended in Venezuela, so I won’t say much now, except that I consider you one of my “assets,” since you provide so much valuable evidence in support of my beliefs, suspicions, and diverse readings.

    Hooray for Bobby Kennedy, Jr. I will say now. I would like to read his book, “American Values.” Also, I’ve had my own doubts about the CDC, as well as the FDA, with its food scares.

    I had reason to read a little about the CDC recently, because its history is closely linked to Emory University, my psychiatry residency alma mater. I guess Emory gave the CDC some of its land in Atlanta for its initial home, and they have been closely affiliated ever since. Since its inception, the CDC has been constantly expanding its reach, a good example of bad “boundary creep” by yet another pseudo-scientific agency, funded primarily by government grants and pharmaceutical companies

    I guess Instagram’s attempt to silence Bobby Kennedy, Jr. has backfired, haha. His name is cropping up wherever I look, and more power to him.


  2. That’s my understanding, americanrespect. As I understand, the heavy metals in vaccines kill gut bacteria essential to immunity and metabolism. Vaccines are being implicated in both type 2 diabetes and Alzheimers (which some researchers refer to as type 3 diabetes).

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