The National Meltdown

Now that half of America’s voting public have been identified as extremists by the nascent federal Gestapo–an extremist, of course, being anyone who refuses to vote for a Democrat–it’s time to assess the damage inflicted on the country since the installation of Doddering Joe into the Oval Office.

Be Sure You’re Right, Then Go Ahead

Still Out There

“The Biden administration is planning to use the full force of the federal government in pursuit of a new war. Its target? American citizens…With Trump toppled, the riot among non-leftists provided the catalyst for completing the total war on the true objects of the ruling class’s ire: dissenting Americans. ” — Ben Weingarten

“American democracy is at the lowest point in its post-segregation history: corrupt elections, abdicated courts, cowardly legislators, dishonest media, a prosecutocracy that terrorizes the whole country and wins 99% of its cases (95% without a trial), crumbling standards of education, skyrocketing crime rates, and a president-elect who looks and sounds like a waxworks dummy who has in his over-long career faced in all four directions on every major issue.” — Conrad Black

“Never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee.” — John Donne

Now that half of America’s voting public have…

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