Biden Nullifies Trump Executive Order Issued to Reduce Prices of Insulin and Epinephrine


BIgger profits for Big Pharma

The Biden regime has nullified an executive order signed by President Trump reducing the prices of insulin and epinephrine for American consumers, in a move that will be cheered on by Biden’s many Big Pharma donors.

Biden’s Health and Human Service (DHHS) announced they are freezing the order until at least March on Thursday. The Trump order mandated for community health centers to pass all discount savings down to the consumers, but this crucial reform is no longer in effect thanks to the Biden regime.

The rule will be delayed until at least March 22, and there is no guarantee that it ever returns with the Biden administration re-evaluating all of Trump’s healthcare policy measures. Biden is waging war against President Trump’s “America First” agenda and restoring full control over Washington D.C. back to the lobbyists.

Big League Politics has written extensively about how Biden is a tool for the corporate elite and will serve them at the direct expense of the American people:


6 thoughts on “Biden Nullifies Trump Executive Order Issued to Reduce Prices of Insulin and Epinephrine

  1. Can you believe the lunacy?.. A friend of mine LOST her insulin while traveling and had to buy out of pocket.. She couldn’t believe it was so cheap!.. She stated that BEFORE Trumps ‘reduced insulin plan’ it would have cost her around $400, to replace… $400 is a horrible strain for people..
    Are we going to go BACK to buying all our drugs from China too?… Sad state of affairs Stuart!

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    • The Buydone’s action just put a hold on the Insulin for review. Trump’s Executive Order hadn’t gone into effect yet. So your friend’s inexpensive insulin experience must have been due to buying it outside the U.S. rather than anything the Dump did.

      That is not to say that Buydone won’t dump the Executive Order to support his big pharma! But he just hasn’t yet.



      • It’s possible Trump’s executive order did have an indirect effect. Insulin is perishable. Some pharmacists may have decided to discount their stock rather than being forced to dump it if patients decided to postpone their refills until the new price took effect.

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        • Hi Stuart… I asked Lynn how she got it her Insulin so CHEAP and she said ‘it is what they charged me, that is all I know’… What does Biden have against affordable insulin??…Seriously?.. Back to China as a supplier?. No sense to it!

          In this video, is a lady who is in tears because she just purchased Insulin for her son she states that ‘under Trump, it cost $60 mo. – thanks to Biden it costs $500 without a coupon’… (She doesn’t appear to have insurance, the way she is talking… With our economy and jobs tanking, I wouldn’t doubt that)… For what it is worth, here is another person saying it was selling for under $100..


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