From New Zealand: The World’s Oldest Hip Hop Crew


Hip Hop Eration

Directed by Bryn Evans (2014)

Film Review

Maori TV recently aired a documentary about Hip Hop Eration, the world’s oldest hip hop crew. With an average age of 80, their youngest member is 66 and their oldest 94. In 2013, they traveled to Las Vegas to participate in the HIp Hop International Worldwide championships. They hold the Guiness record for the world’s oldest dance group.

The film follows their 18 month preparation for the competition, as well as profiling the personal histories of several of the dancers. It also profiles Otara, the Māori hip hop group who helped them develop their routine.

The film can be seen free (for the next two weeks) on the Māori TV website: Hip Hop Eration

In some regions it can be seen on Vimeo: Vimeo (Hip Hop Eration

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