13 thoughts on “Ron Paul Banned from Facebook

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    • I don’t really know much about the man, but anyone who labels both climate change and the novel coronavirus with the term ‘hoax’, as he has done, is not entitled to the description you ascribe to him, in my opinion.


      • The question, pedantry, is whether you feel he should be banned from Facebook for disagreeing with the mainstream narrative about climate change and coronavirus? Although I wouldn’t go so far as to label either issue “a hoax,” I have a lot of concerns about the way both issues are fed to us by the media. I am very concerned (as is Michael Moore and the Wrong Kind of Green) about the way the climate change issue has been hijacked by the fossil fuel industry and Wall Street to promote the Fourth Industrial Revolution to ramp up rapacious resource extraction and only further consolidate the wealth and power of the billionaire class.

        Likewise, while COVID 19, in my view, is a real illness, epidemiological research (mainly from Germany and Switzerland) show that it’s mortality is probably about the same as that of severe influenza. Also the test (RT-PCR) promoted by public health authorities and the media is useless for diagnosis the way it’s being used. I’m also concerned that a number of very effective treatments for COVID are being suppressed for the sake of foisting some potentially dangerous experimental vaccines on the public (to increase Big Pharma profits).


        • Sadly, I suspect that you are labouring under some ‘alternative facts’ — but that you will dismiss any and all attempts to persuade you of this on the grounds that I have been ‘brainwashed by mainstream media’.


    • I had no idea who Ron Paul was, Deb, until I came to New Zealand. My first awareness of him was that there was a single lone voice in Congress doggedly speaking out against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.


  2. “Censorship” by Corporate hoodlums is despicable. Agree or disagree with the written or spoken word, Freedom of Speech in The Republic of the united States of America is cast in stone! Corporate Owners and Executives with hidden agendas hide behind their corporate veil (chess anyone) and their plebes do as they bid. The acts are immoral, inall-ways and unconstitutional. History is doomed to repeat itself as long as history is allowed to be written-off! Peace…1N1S1.


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