Why Your Carbon Footprint is a Lie

Why Your Carbon Footprint is a Lie

Climate Town (2020)

Film Review

This short film exposes the role of British Petroleum (BP) and other fossil fuel companies in inventing the concept of “carbon footprint,” in their effort to transfer blame for the climate crisis to each of us individually. In doing so, they cleverly distract attention from their own gigantic role – spending hundreds of millions lobbying against carbon taxes, fossil fuel regulation and government subsidies of renewable energy.

In 2005, BP was the first fossil fuel company to acknowledge climate change as an issue. Around the same time they paid Ogilvy and Mather, a PR firm, to popularize the notion of  “carbon footprint,” in essence making all 7 billion of us individually responsible for global warming. Thanks to Ogilvy and Mather, BP ultimately spent far more on promoting its solar energy project than it spent on the actual project.

Any real solution to the climate crisis will require an end to the massive carbon emissions produced by bloated militaries, by government subsidies of fossil fuel companies and by government expenditures on highways, bridges  and other infrastructure. All our areas in which we have virtually no personal control.


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