So Hard to Watch: Why UK Hospitals Are Overrun with Covid “Cases”

Interesting article on the real reason UK hospitals are being “overwhelmed.” Apparently hospitals are performing SARS-CoV-2 tests on everyone who presents regardless of symptoms. So if you break your leg and go to hospital, you are tested. For now, the main test remains the PCR which, which owing to high numbers of false positives has created a false positive pseudo-epidemic. Anyone who tests positive is then defined as a “case” and must be sent to the Covid-19 Ward for isolation. These wards are being overrun whilst other wards are under-represented by patients, leading to a colossal rise in waiting lists for non-Covid health care across the nation. Overfilling the Covid-19 wards results in a backlog in Emergency Departments.


The UK are being dragged into a socio-economic crisis bigger than anything they have seen since World War 2, and for what reason? Mental health, food supply chains, unemployment, a widening wealth divide, health care access crisis, and so many other seemingly insurmountable issues are crashing down simultaneously on this nation. Some of the reasons are connected to Brexit which I have no understanding of. But many are related to the government’s pandemic response which I do have an understanding of and feel a need to share because our mainstream media steadfastly refuse to cover the topic with any balance. Everyone is bought into the idea that the virus is raging and killing people across Britain and Europe. In reality this is untrue. The details are complicated, but I’ll try to offer an overview here, with a focus on London but the information is transferable across Britain and in fact…

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2 thoughts on “So Hard to Watch: Why UK Hospitals Are Overrun with Covid “Cases”

  1. “A large part of the mainstream narrative and need for relentless testing of healthy people relies on the story of asymptomatic spread. This was initially denied by all government advisors, as it is well known that respiratory viruses do not spread without the presence of symptoms. But then theories spread about this virus being so unique that you can spread it without any symptoms whatsoever. One of the proponents of this theory is Professor Christian Drosten, who is central to the Corona Auschuss lawsuit that is underway. Reiner Fuellmich has demonstrated evidence that Drosten knew he was lying about this. Meanwhile a recent meta-analysis undertaken by biostatistician researchers at University of Florida and published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, found that “the asymptomatic/presymptomatic secondary attack rate is not statistically different from zero” (relating to spread of Covid-19).”

    as i say, this notion struck me as bogus the moment it was presented. this is where the covid narrative jumped the shark. (i.e. became too ridiculous to be credible.) asymptomatic spread? whoever heard of such a thing?


  2. I have the impression that a lot of people questioned this, nomad. And the answer from people in power was that we had to listen to the scientists. And unfortunately a lot of people did. Simply because we (I believe it was a deliberate decision) no longer provide school children with adequate science training to trust themselves to make these decisions.


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