Gunshots, Motorcycle Deaths Count as COVID Casualties

About 1,700 people die each day in the U.K. in any given year, Yeadon says — but many of these deaths are now falsely attributed to COVID-19. “I’m calling out the statistics, and even the claim that there is an ongoing pandemic, as false,” he said, noting that the definition of a “coronavirus death” in the U.K. is anyone who dies, from any cause, within 28 days of a positive COVID-19 test.

Counter Information

By Dr. Joseph Mercola

Global Research, December 30, 2020Mercola 30 December 2020

Since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, families have been separated, businesses have been shuttered and schools have been closed down. Many people are living their lives shrouded in fear of Sars-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 — a direct response to media coverage and health officials’ claims of its dire associated risks.

Understanding the real risks, and being able to make choices on how to live your life in response to them, is only possible, however, if you have real facts, like how many have died from the virus and what the death rate actually is. Is it a lethal virus that warrants lockdowns and panic, or is it one more akin to influenza, which can indeed be deadly but, in most cases, is not?

Early on during the pandemic, COVID-19 infection mortality rate claims varied from…

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4 thoughts on “Gunshots, Motorcycle Deaths Count as COVID Casualties

  1. Hello. I read your book most revolutionary act. I noticed you said you’re a practicing doctor. Do you know of anyway people who are set up for special harassment as the church committee called it can somehow find a place to live or have a job? If you qualify as schizophrenic can patients be given a job or housing? I have money saved up. Don’t know where to go I don’t understand the norms of my own country. I heard in Denmark you can apply for assisted suicide which is a better option then living at home and being railroaded into death by long work hours with no vacation at the post office. Every job I get seems to end in ridiculous work schedules. I didn’t last at a front desk of a hotel and was put into housekeeping then when I was forced to be manager the hours got to be 80 hours a week.

    Thanks for your time.

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    • When I practiced in Seattle, Jacob, I worked with a number of people who experienced targeted harassment such as you describe. If you qualify as schizophrenic, it’s theoretically possible for you to get housing benefits. However it depends on the state you live in, and all safety net benefits have been significantly slashed over the last four decades. Given the number of countries that are still in COVID lockdown, I suspect it would be really hard to emigrate anywhere at present. The borders here in New Zealand are presently closed to all foreigners.


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