Comprehensive Listing of North American Grassroots COVID Mutual Aid Networks

Mutual Aid - How to Build and Help Your Community

Comprehensive listing of grassroots mutual aid networks for US and Canada. With millions facing unemployment and eviction, communities are self-organizing. People are reaching out to help each other with basic survival needs. Listed by region and state, starting with Indigenous Mutual Aid covering all of Turtle Island.* People reaching out to help each other with basic survival needs.

It’s Going Down

Pacific Northwest


  • Sunnyland Neighborhood Mutual AidNeighbors coordinating pick ups/drop offs, meals, community gardening, childcare, eldercare, tutoring, dog walking and whatever else we can in Sunnyland, a neighborhood in Bellingham, Washington. Twitter. Request form. Offer form.
  • Tacoma Food Not Bombs: Mutual aid collective that provides free food, supplies, and information to our community members experiencing housing insecurity or houselessness and food insecurity.

[+ 15 more …]


  • Idaho Mutual Aid Group: Volunteer community group of neighbors coming together to help neighbors during the Covid 19 epidemic.


  • Portland COVID-19 Mutual Aid Hub: Mutual aid hub at the Social Justice Action Center, 400 SE 12th Street. Every week we are making dozens of meals for immigrant workers at VOZ and distributing food stables to those who need it most in our community. Please come by!
  • Coast to Cascades COVID-19 Mutual Aid: Coast to Cascades Mutual Aid is a volunteer-led support system started on the Oregon coast that provides groceries, supplies & money to people who can’t leave their homes during the COVID-19 crisis. Donate here.

[+ 14 more]

Bay Area & Northern California

Northern California:

  • Cooperation Humboldt: A volunteer program to run errands and deliver food / supplies to those self-isolating, make DIY masks and hand sanitizer/cleaning solutions, and coordinate computer/tablet donations for those working/schooling from home. We just launched a mental health team and a policy/advocacy team. We’re also working with numerous other community organizations and one local government (the Wiyot Tribe), so far, in a coalition to coordinate our responses and form a cohesive front.
  • Pandemic Solidarity Support: Chico mutual aid coordination.
  • North Valley Mutual Aid: Mutual Aid organization in Chico, California. Spread sheet.

[+ 6 more]

Central California:

[+2 more]

North Bay:

  • Good Fairy Marin County: Where volunteers connect to neighbors who need support, especially those sheltering in place in Marin. Good Fairies are working to provide caring, friendly help with the practical and  emotional challenges of life.

[+ 2 more]

San Francisco:

[+ 4 more]

East Bay:

[+ 7 more]

South Bay:

  • South Bay Area Mutual Aid: We are coordinating food and supply drop offs to people’s front doors during the COVID-19 quarantine.

[+ 4 more]

Southwest California:

  • High Desert Mutual Aid: A group of community members dedicate to helping one another through this pandemic. Facebook.
  • Antelope Valley Mutual Aid: Comprised of AV residents interested in flattening the curve, limiting exposure, harm reduction, caring for the sick, and supporting those facing financial and any other hardship because of the COVID19 pandemic. Spread sheet.
  • Ventura County Mutual Aid: As always in times of crisis, it’s clear that bosses, landlords and power brokers in government will choose profits over people every time. As socialists, we recognize that solidarity is the only thing that can save us. We’re collecting resources and organizing mutual aid in our neighborhoods to help everyone get through this difficult time.
  • Los Angeles Mutual Aid: Ground Game LA is an all-volunteer grassroots group operating in Los Angeles, connected with multiple coalition partners throughout mmunities and we must come together in solidarity in times of crisis. Any amount of donations will help and we thank you for your support!

[+ 6 more]


  • Washoe County Mutual Aid Solidarity Network: An all-volunteer grassroots network in Reno, Nevada, connecting with multiple coalition partners throughout the region. Contact us via Twitter for more information on volunteering, requesting support, and/or donating.
  • Las Vegas Mutual Aid: Please fill out this form if you are in the Las Vegas area and are interested in offering support to people impacted by COVID-19 *OR* are requesting support for yourself/a family member.


New Mexico:

  • Camp Red Sleeves Mutual Aid Fund: We are serving #unshelteredrefugees in Northern New Mexico during the pandemic of #settlercolonialism, distributing personal hygiene kits, emergency hand washing stations, food, water, and clothing.

[+2 more]


  • Navajo Hopi COVID 19 Response: We are an all volunteer grassroots indigenous led group operating on the Navajo and Hopi Reservations. We are prioritizing the elderly (especially those raising their grandchildren), single parents, and struggling families by helping them buy groceries, water, and health supplies, and by protecting them (and their vulnerable communities) from exposure by engaging volunteers to make the purchases and deliver them to a safe transfer location for the families. Facebook. Hotline: 1-833-956-1554.
  • Tucson Mutual Aid: We are coordinating food and supply drop offs to people’s front doors. Please use this form if you would like to help make deliveries. Thank you!! This is a live document that will continue to change and update as we move forward.

[+ 3 more]



  • Everett Free Grocery Program: The Everett Free Grocery Program is a long-term weekly food and hygienic product distribution program. Our aim is to build trust, autonomy, and mutual support within the Everett Neighborhood (Lincoln, Nebraska). We aim to approach food distribution from a grassroots model that erases the dividing lines between those who receive resources and those who provide them. Donate here. Instagram. Email:

[+ 2 more]



  • Bozeman Solidarity: The volunteer will drop off the items outside of the residence, in an effort to reduce exposure.
  • Missoula Mutual Aid: In Missoula, we have created a COVID19 Community Organizing group, which aims to organize material support. Immediately we are providing grocery and supply deliveries. We are preparing to expand this to running errands, dog walking, childcare, caregiving, and mental/emotional support among people impacted by the pandemic. Donate here.


For Colorado and other states see

*Turtle Island is the traditional name used by many First Nations activists for North America.

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