The COVID News You Aren’t Supposed to See, Part 3: Hydroxychloroquine and Early Treatment

Ivermectin is also effective in early treatment of COVID – and for prevention in vulnerable people who have been exposed. There is far more evidence for using Ivermectin than any of the vaccines to protect nursing home residents who have been exposed to COVID – yet this information is suppressed by the powers that be and the mainstream media. See

Applied Heart

by Steve Golden —

As the COVID-19 vaccination campaign gets underway in the US (more on the vaccine in a future post!), some people have raised questions about why there wasn’t a focus on early treatment of the virus. Patients who tested positive are told to go home and isolate unless their symptoms become severe enough to seek treatment. For a virus that’s so deadly the world shut down entire societies, it’s odd that there has not been a more concerted effort to offer early, outpatient treatments to positive patients.

Dr. Mark Steffen, an MD and Kansas senator-elect from Reno County, said recently,

“Never before have we said ‘stay home until you’re about to die and then we’ll take care of you’, . . . We don’t say with breast cancer, you’re at stage one, come back and we’ll help you fight it when you get to stage…

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