Texas sues 4 battleground states at Supreme Court over election rules

Texas is asking the Supreme Court to order the states to allow their legislatures to appoint their electors.

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The state of Texas on Tuesday directly filed a lawsuit with the Supreme Court of the United States, objecting to the election procedures in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, arguing that they violated the Constitution.

Texas alleged that these states violated the “Electors Clause” stipulated in the Constitution because these states have changed voting rules and procedures through court or administrative measures (not state legislatures).

In addition, Texas also stated that there are differences in voting rules and procedures in different counties within the same state, which violates the constitution’s “Equal Protection Clause.” Therefore, Texas believes that based on the above reasons, these states have “voting violations” in the 2020 presidential election.

“Plaintiff State respectfully submits that the foregoing types of electoral irregularities exceed the hanging-chad saga of the 2000 election in their degree of departure from both state and federal law,” the Supreme Court motion (pdf) states…

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