WATCH: Trump’s Censored Speech — OffGuardian

The media refusing to air the President’s allegations of vote rigging is an open display of who REALLY runs the country

On Wednesday, December 2nd Donald Trump – the sitting President of the United State of America – released a 46 minute recorded speech. In an alarming display of co-ordinated censorship, much of the media simply refused to air it.

In the speech [on the Off Guardian site],  he details all the suspicious behaviour surrounding the November 3rd election, as well as showing charts of evidence of peculiar activity in the vote counts of key swing states.

None of the major networks aired it in full. CNN simply refused to broadcast even clips, instead letting the millionaire son of a political dynasty lecture the viewing public in a bizarre ten-minute long abuse-laden rant.

Twitter and Facebook stuck “fact-check” warnings under anyone attempting to share it while papers like the Guardian or Independent post mocking summaries without ever showing – or even linking to – the original.

If you want to actually see the speech in full you have search out smaller youtube channels, or go to C-SPAN. (We would suggest downloading a copy while you can, it is likely to become hard to find. There’s also a transcript here.)

Their defense of this overt censorship is that Trump is “endangering lives” and/or “encouraging violence” by calling the legitimacy of the vote into question. Such claims were never made about claims Putin’s Russia had rigged the vote for Trump. In fact, Russiagate nonsense was spouted nightly by every major news outlet in the country, if not the world.

However they justify to themselves there’s no denying the hard truth of it: The mainstream media are actively and openly engaged in the wholesale censorship of an elected head of state. Deliberately crippling the ability of an elected leader to communicate with the public.

Whether or not the vote was rigged – and there is more than enough reason to think that it was – the behaviour of the media is verging on the kind of co-ordinated gagging you would expect to happen during a palace coup.

Even if you hate Trump and love Biden, even if you don’t care about the vote and count all modern democracy a sham, there’s a coup going on here that’s bigger than just who gets to sit in the Oval office:


Via WATCH: Trump’s Censored Speech — OffGuardian

11 thoughts on “WATCH: Trump’s Censored Speech — OffGuardian

  1. Keeps getting tighter in the USA… I watched the GA Senate Oversite Hearing and saw the footage of when election officials asked the ‘poll watchers’ to leave as they were closing/stop counting… Then MANY MANY cases of ballots were pulled from under a table that had a floor length cloth – hiding them.. Then the counting continued ‘in private/secret/… Also listened to all the testimony from PA, MI, GA and AZ… And now it looks like Nevada will be drawn into the fray as they have 20 6 inch thick binders FULL of Affadavits!,,,

    I have NOT believed our elections were HONEST for over 20 years – and still it is SHOCKING to see it all dissected and laid out for public view!… This needs LOTS of sunlight but who would have guessed that it would be Trump who would do it?… Shucks, I just figured ‘Trump rigged it better last time’… Evidently, he didn’t do any rigging this time or WHY ELSE would he feel safe for calling for these AUDITS and FORENSIC ANALYSIS?…. It makes a great movie- time for MORE POPCORN!!…


      • Hi Stuart.. Are you speaking of the highlights on the page where he also does a video??…
        If so, yes- I have read them… He laid out a BUNCH of complicated scenarios.. A nail biter for sure, maybe even a thriller, in it’s own right! – What confuses me is WHY we need any form of martial law to for a ‘do over election’?… As I understand it, it is up to State Legislators to make that call- at least in the states where fraud is proven..


        • Yep. That’s the one. As I understand, constitutionally it’s up to state legislatures to decide to call “do over elections.” However I think it would be pretty unlikely for enough of them to do that to award the election to Trump. The Constitution doesn’t allow for coups, of course. It’s my feelings if Trump ordered a military forensic audit of the election or a “do over,” his military commanders would refuse to carry out the order. They’ve done that in the past.


          • Yep, that’s what I mean… It is these ifs-and-buts that make this such a great movie!.. Have you checked out the Sept. 2018 Exec order?… Looks like he already knew this was going to happen… ANOTHER cliff hanger, will it make any difference in the end?… Pass the POPCORN!…


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  3. It Just Keeps Yapping
    Flicking around the channel spectrum last Sunday I ran across the fascist charlatan Donald Trump in real time. He was telling a mentally challenged Fatherland (FOX) News host named Maria that he actually won the election and the “the Democrats used covid to stuff the ballot boxes.”
    “Everybody knows that,” Trump said.
    Yes, that’s common knowledge, just like “everyone knows” that Trump has done more to stem the spread of COVID-19 that anyone else on the planet.
    Maria nodded along submissively as the tangerine-tinted Marvel Comics villain Trump went on and on with shamelessly moronic QAnon claims about how the election was “rigged” with Hugo Chavez’s “Dominion” voting software and with the Marxist-Bidenite Democrats “throwing poll-watchers out of buildings.”
    Everybody knows that, as Trump pointed out, the ChiCom Dems have such totalitarian power that even the President of the United States, Donald Trump, has “no standing” in the state and federal court. “I have no standing. It’s outrageous,” the hideous orange reptile (HOR) told Maria. And “everybody knows it.”
    You betchya!
    Maria tried to get a word in but the demented grifter wouldn’t stop talking, adding one more idiotic assertion after another, coupled with “everybody knows that.”
    Sleepy Joe “Nothing Will Fundamentally Change” Biden’s best line in his two presidential “debates” with the HOR came when he said “keep yapping” and made the talking sign with his right hand.
    When he gets going, the HOR simply will not shut up. The more outrageously idiotic its claims, the more it doubles down with even more implausible assertions that make earlier statements seem reasonable by comparison.
    It just keeps yapping and yapping. Donald Trump is the all-time Energizer Bunny of total bullshit.
    Five Dark Thoughts
    Briefly fixated on this fascistic freak show before switching to watch another broken National Football League player get hauled off the gladiatorial gridiron, I was struck by five depressing thoughts:
    +1. Contrary to some deep thinkers I respect, Trump does have an ideology beyond just pure self-interest. A leading component of his world view is Social Darwinian white supremacism. When Trump says he won the election, perhaps he really just means that won the white vote (which he did, chillingly and tellingly enough). For a white nationalist (for whom the only legitimate and legal voters and citizens are whites), that’s a kind of a win.
    +2. There are many tens of millions of Americans, very disproportionately white, who seriously believe the malignant and Orwellian madness that still spills from the lips and Twitter feed of the pandemic-fanning herd-immunitarian-in-chief even after it lost its bid for re-election (to an epically uninspiring and deeply conservative near-octogenarian). Trump says two plus two equals five and a giant mass of brainwashed and unmasked Amerikaners agree. It’s not “everyone”


    • Thanks for you comment, Penny. I’m inclined to agree that Trump is experiencing early dementia and sounds really silly when he goes off script and I, too, get really concerned when he uses racist, misogynist and nationalist language to persuade white working class men to vote against their own economic interests. However I disagree with the mainstream media censoring his Dec 2 speech, which made no reference whatsoever to calls for a coup, civil war or violence as the mainstream media claim. I also disagree with them censoring evidence of criminal behavior involving the Biden family. From everything I read, I also believe there was massive vote rigging by Democrats in swing states. And I feel Trump’s Dec 2 speech (which was clearly written by someone else) did a good job of laying this out.

      Elections are meaningless in the US. People deserve a direct say in the way their lives are governed (direct democracy). There is no way a vote once every four years will ever accomplish this.


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