Mutual aid will help us survive the Biden presidency

Mutual aid work is not easy. It means forming lasting commitments to doing hard work collaborating with people even when we have conflict. And facing the heart-wrenching realities of the systems we live under. It is also deeply satisfying work that transforms us from being exasperated passive observers of the shitstorm we’re living in to inspired builders of the new world we desperately crave.

Quakers, social justice and revolution

Today’s post is based on the article “Mutual aid will help us survive the Biden presidency. Biden and Harris are not going to stop the crises we are facing — mutual aid projects are essential to survive and build the world we want to live in.” by Dean Spade, ROAR Magazine, November 20, 2020.

This title is about the misconception so many have in the wake of the Biden election. Although things will get better in some small and incremental ways, the real change needed is to reject the capitalist economy.

Many people are feeling great relief that Trump has been voted out and are rightly celebrating the efforts so many people have undertaken to make that happen. But even as we celebrate, we must ensure we do not demobilize, hoping that the new administration will take care of our problems. Unfortunately, we can be certain that the Biden/Harris…

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