Vaxxed 2: Parents Talk Frankly About Vaccine Injuries

Vaxxed 2: The People’s Truth

Directed by Brian Burrowes (2019)

Film Review

Vaxxed 2 concerns the Vaxxed bus that toured seven countries (US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand) after the film Vaxxed came out in 2016. The tour was prompted by the massive response filmmakers received from parents of vaccine-injured children after their first documentary was released.

Fifteen doctors and several immunologists participated in the tour, and parents’ stories were broadcast round the world via Periscope TV. The documentary features commentary by prominent vaccine researchers Dr Suzanne Humphries, Dr Andrew Wakefield and Robert F Kennedy Jr.

For me, the most alarming segment of the film consists of interviews with a dozen teenagers who became paralyzed after taking the HPV vaccine Gardasil. Kennedy provides some really interesting background on the vaccine trials that preceded its release. The randomized controlled trials were conducted without a true placebo. Instead the manufacturer (Merck) used the neurotoxin aluminum (believed to be the cause of HPV paralysis and other neurological injuries) in the control group. Death rates (in both the control and the experimental groups) were 37 times the death rate from cervical cancer (which Gardasil is meant to prevent).

Then there were the heart wrenching stories of parents whose infants died (usually of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) after receiving MMR (measles/mumps/rubella) vaccine.* In several of these cases, child protective services opened a child abuse investigation (against the parents).

In 2014, a CDC study reported that the US (which vaccinates more infants than any other country) had the highest infant mortality of 34 industrialized countries.

When I reflect on all the chronic health problems in my family (starting with my  mother’s generation) with allergies, asthma, ear infections, eczema and digestive problems, the most discouraging part of the film featured the thousands of unvaccinated children who also came to greet the bus. The chronic health conditions that plague so many US children were totally absent in the unvaccinated kids. The effect was especially striking in families in which the eldest vaccinated child suffered constant ear infections, colds and allergies, while their younger unvaccinated siblings experienced none of these conditions.**

*Where parents took these cases to the federal Vaccine Court (see, they received the maximum compensation of $250,000)

**A number of controlled research trials support findings that unvaccinated children are healthier. See and One of the pediatricians who accompanied the tour declines to vaccinate infants under three and has no history of SIDS deaths in her practice.

Vaxxed 2 can be viewed free at

7 thoughts on “Vaxxed 2: Parents Talk Frankly About Vaccine Injuries

  1. I have strong views on certain vaccines. My parents each had a flu vaccine every year and always came down with flu a week to ten days later and were incapacitated. I never had the flu vaccine and never caught the flu in those years and every year since. That’s a total of over twenty years. I remember when the MMR vaccine was made compulsory in England with War Criminal Tony Blair spearheading the push, when asked by a journalist if his own children were vaccinated with the MMR vaccine he refused to answer which was an answer in itself. If his children were MMR vaccinated he would simply have said so, the fact that he didn’t means that they weren’t and a yes answer would soon be exposed as a lie.
    One rule for the privileged and elites and another for the rest of the masses.
    If the UK regime insists on compulsory vaccination I shall be shopping around for a Chinese or Russian vaccine which is likely to be more efficacious and more rigorously tested and shall still be complying with the law, since they cannot justify forced vaccination thereafter. Otherwise I’ll be facing a stint in prison, heavy fine or sueing the UK regime for Human Rights violations.
    Thanks for this and other related articles – excellent.


    • Thank you for your very thoughtful comment, Mohandeer. I have a lot of concerns about a lot of vaccines. People as a whole deserve more information about their role in chronic illnesses and sudden infant death syndrome.Until it is better understood why certain individuals are vulnerable to vaccine injury, they also have the absolute right to refuse to take them.

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      • Entirely agree about SIDS and of course your final comment. There has been a massive uptick in SIDS and it is not down to the condition not being understood or the population going up because it’s actually dropping. There are indeed many more cases of other diseases such as cancers, dementia, MS, leukemia, bowel, kidney and liver disorders to name a few but they do not stack up against the population figures either. I truly believe that many of these conditions are a result of the poisons we unknowingly take in through processed foods, improper diet, illegal or misrepresented food labelling and our ototoxic lifestyle with the help of big pharma.
        I’m not given to conspiracy theories normally, but quite a few are actually proven fact and I believe many food items being offered to us should not be eaten as they are detrimental to our health. Some instances can be proven very easily, but there are so many foods to investigate that it will be too long before we know the full extent of the damage being done. Big pharma is a multi billion dollar con for the most part these days but Medical Agencies cannot be bothered to acquaint themselves with facts and just keep doling them out like sweeties.They like their comfortable salaries.
        Perhaps I’m just paranoid in my dotage.


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