Stamping on the ‘anti-vaxxers’ – a very stupid idea

“You don’t win arguments by clubbing people into submission. All you do is silence them and redouble their determination.”

Dr. Malcolm Kendrick

17th November 2020

The COVID19 pandemic has thrown into sharp relief the concerns that a number of people have about vaccination. However, such is the eagerness to develop a vaccine, and get everyone to take it, that authorities are now looking to ban anyone who raises doubts. For example, the Labour Party in the UK is now calling for emergency ‘anti-vaccine’ laws:

‘Emergency laws to “stamp out dangerous” anti-vaccine content online should be introduced, Labour has said. The party is calling for financial and criminal penalties for social media firms that do not remove false scare stories about vaccines.

It follows news of progress on the first effective coronavirus vaccine. The government said it took the issue “extremely seriously” with “a major commitment” from Facebook, Twitter and Google to tackle anti-vaccine content.’ 1

There are so many things that could be said about this, that it is difficult to know…

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2 thoughts on “Stamping on the ‘anti-vaxxers’ – a very stupid idea

  1. I don’t understand why anyone would want to deny others’ freedom of speech. Don’t they want honesty? Even if someone is hateful or disgusting, it is only one person’s opinion and indicative of that person’s mindset. Better to learn from it, if only to learn what not to do.

    People are too quick to take offense these days. Does coronavirus affect peoples’ ability to “give it the light touch”?


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