Just How Bad Will This Depression Get?

Technically it’s not the Federal Reserve that issues money – all private banks issue electronic money (as credit) when they make loans. This money doesn’t exist prior to making the loan – they create it out of thin air. This is where 98% of US dollars (only 2% is notes and coins) come from.

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3 million Americans starved to death in the 1930s according to the demographer Borisov. There were only 123 million Americans in 1929. They did not have to die. Eight professors from the University of Chicago gave FDR a plan that would have ended the Depression in 90 days. It was basically Dr Irving Fisher’s theory of 100% money.

He would have repealed our Federal Reserve system which allows a privately owned company to issue our currency and to charge us interest for loaning us our money (Federal Reserve Notes) into circulation. Fisher would have replaced our debt based currency with a non-interest bearing currency like President Lincoln’s Greenbacks. Under Lincoln’s system all currency was issued by the Treasury and not by a privately owned Federal Reserve Bank which charges us taxpayers interest on money they created out of thin air.

If we had a non-interest bearing currency, we would not…

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2 thoughts on “Just How Bad Will This Depression Get?

  1. We are on the same page yet again, Dr. Bramhall. I have been long interested in the Federal Reserve System and how it came about. “The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second look at the Federal Reserve,” by G. Edward Griffin, originally published in 1994, is a must read for anyone interested in banking history and how our nutso system works.

    It’s amazing to me how they pulled this scam off, but they had a precedent in Alexander Hamilton and the first central bank in 1791, which was tied to the whiskey tax. The current system is tied to the income tax, with both income tax and Federal Reserve Act passed in 1913, with the stooge Woodrow Wilson in his first year as US president.

    I’ve read several biographies of Wilson, too, who seemed to believe he was the second coming of Christ. He was re-elected in 1916 because “he kept us out of the war,” (World War I) then immediately declared war on Germany in April of his second term.

    The Rothschild family name comes up over and over in my readings, beginning with Nathan Rothschild, who had advance notice that Napoleon had lost at Waterloo, so manipulated the London stock market to make a killing, to the point where he essentially managed to control UK finance. (I’m a little hazy on this aspect).

    While I agree with much of what Video Rebel’s Blog contends, I don’t believe the NWO folks are as smart as they think. I believe regular people have more sense than anyone gives them credit for, even if they are not demonstrating it lately. I believe there’s a pervasive sense of having been conned over the centuries, and regular people are waking up and learning to think for themselves.

    We shall see (or not), as the situations play out.


  2. I guess I wish the article had more of a world view, Katherine, because our problems with private banks controlling our money supply didn’t begin in 1913. It began in 1694, when William of Orange (the Dutch king installed by British money interests) granted private banks (including the Bank of England) the ability to issue more money than they could cover with gold and making this legal tender. The governors of the early American colonies rejected this private British money (because there was never enough of it) and developed thriving local economies with locally produced script. There have been major battles ever since the US War of Independence whether money should be publicly or privately controlled. It’s not the Federal Reserve per se that’s the villain, it’s our privately controlled monetary system.


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