HIGH CRIMES: ‘2020 Vision’, GOP Computer Vote Fraud?, Massive Democrat Mail Ballot Fraud?…Standard Operating Procedure

Looks like both sides tried to rig the election, but the Democrats are better at it.


Source – veteranstoday.com

  • “…Assuming the obvious, staying in office is the primary goal of any politician….Given the panic, utter lack of ability and mental instability of Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and George “W” Bush, using, not the CIA but “CIA assets” such as Mike Connell’s company and others to rig elections is now a fact accepted by many, maybe most”

SM:…*It was Israeli/Russian ‘Black” GOPoperatives Vs Ukraine & Chinese Democratic Party “Black-Ops” teams for all the marbles. Question remains, what percentage of mail-in ballots were outright fraud – based on the new revelations regarding secretive water-markings on official ballots – it appears election 2020 was a massive exercise in voter fraud from both camps….

GOP Computer Vote Fraud Failed, Overwhelmed by Unexpected Massive Mail Balloting

You tried so hard but you have only killed around a quarter million so far….you have time to get more

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