F&L 2020: Recounts and the Electoral College

“There are two things to consider here: First, that this election was decided not by 330 million Americans but rather by margins in six states that add up to just over 100,000 total votes; there is no pro-Biden mandate. Second, that there exists a robust procedure by which electoral votes are validated, and that the fact that this procedure is being employed is evidence that our elections system works. If Pennsylvania’s vote flips, it’s not because of legal chicanery but rather because an actual problem was detected.”

The Not Fake News

Much as Gore did in 2000 — albeit far more loudly — President Trump is refusing to concede the election. Legal teams have been mobilized in several states to draw attention to certain practices which, viewed objectively, are at least questionable. But does this mean Trump still has a chance to win? Why would he challenge the results if he didn’t?

It’s complicated. (You knew I was going to say that.)

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2 thoughts on “F&L 2020: Recounts and the Electoral College

  1. As best I can tell, Trace, both parties have been hacking elections for years, depending on which party controls the the state and/or county jurisdiction. I have pretty much given up on representative democracy. Direct democracy has always been better, and now that we aren’t relying on horses to travel long distance there’s no longer any good reason not to implement it.


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