The Logic Behind The American Vote

At the end of the day, it is a mere matter of the USA’s demise being fast & painful (Trump-Pence) or a bit slower & painful (Biden-Harris.) On the Democratic side, a win by a mentally decrepit slime-bag of corruption, that is Joe Biden, will be shortly morphed into a Kamala Harris presidency that will make the USA into a model gulag necessary to sustain empire (nevertheless doomed to fail.) Kamala is the majority corporate boards’ choice and CIA favorite. With Harris, political corruption goes hyper-sonic, the police state goes on steroids, the USA doubles down on ‘regime change’ across the globe (y’all know the score, the pipeline(i)stan brothels should only ‘service’ USA approved clients) and RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA!

Ronald Thomas West

American Democracy is worthy of a Halloween special; and here are the short blurbs:

Narcissist Trump, whose real estate empire was built on the back of organized crime sleaze (the Roy Cohn factor) out-maneuvered Democrat & Never Trump Republican alike in the 2016 election cycle, winning with the electoral college loophole, sparing us a President Killary but brought his own murderous baggage along for the ride; hardcore Christian fundamentalist Mike ‘Israel can do no wrong’ Pence, and Pence’s aligned Pentagon generals anticipating literal Armageddon. If this crew wins reelection, a recalcitrant Trump will be pushed aside (perhaps disposed of by MOSSAD, if necessary) en-route to pulling the trigger on Iran; which might happen anyway, during that period quaintly describing a ‘lame (but nevertheless nuclear armed) duck.’

This preceding has seen Republican state and county apparatus dis-enrolling Democrat voters by every known trick in the book. Show up to vote and…

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