Left-Democrats Abandon Struggle for Working Class to the Right

By Roger D Harris, Popular Resistance

All indications are that Joe Biden is heading for a landslide win. Losers will be Trump and those Republicans who have not already defected to the Democrat’s big tent. Collateral damage, however, may be the progressive cause. Some leftists have advocated temporarily subordinating an independent working-class alternative to campaign for the leading neoliberal candidate.

For example, the Open Letter: Dump Trump, Then Battle Biden argues for “the most urgent task — defeating Trump in the election with as big an Electoral College margin as possible, to undermine his predictable efforts to steal the election.” Among the 55 signatories of the open letter are some of the most dedicated and productive people on the progressive left.

Many of them would agree that ultimately there needs to be a political force representing working people not tied to the dictates of capital – but now is not the time. The open-letter signatories argue, “Protestations that Biden is beholden to elites are true but beside the point.”

Current predicament of the ruling class transition of power

Despite the fear based speculation by other left-Democrats that “the fading 77-year-old Biden will blow-up much of his polling lead,” his expected win should be anticipated. A tanking economy, a still uncontained pandemic, and unprecedented protests against racialized police brutality all are attributed to Trump’s watch.

The financial elites are disproportionately lavishing their support on the Democrats. In contrast to Trump frantically crisscrossing the country holding campaign rallies, Biden is comfortably resting at home with a too-big-to-fail war chest, letting his campaign’s domination of the airwaves carry the day. Combined spending for all 2020 campaigns is projected to be $10.8 billion, substantially greater than the GDP of Haiti.

Yet for certain left-Democrats (not the open-letter signatories) democratic electoral means to remove the “preening Antichrist” are insufficient. They demand “Trump out now,” arguing “the world can’t wait until January 20th, 2021 for the defenestration of this lethal lunatic.”

Some of the same people, who believe Trump “continues to lie” and is moronic, delusional, and incompetent, also believe Trump can carry off a coup. Trump, they claim, will command “white supremacist paramilitaries to be prepared to attack his and their ‘enemies’ if he loses on Election Day.” Adding, “Trump also wants Joe Biden and other leading Democrats imprisoned and perhaps even executed.”

Those who find this coup scenario somewhat hyperbolic are accused of “naivete and [taking] childish enablement of abuse to new levels.”

Ajamu Baraka of the Black Alliance for Peace and a proponent of a third party alternative observes:

“Democrats and deeply confused radicals are [in] a race to see who can advance the most farfetched notions of a pending Trump coup. All of it is quite insulting. Why would [the] ruling class risk a revolt and support a Trump coup and what elements of the state would support it? What childishness.”


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