Employer-provided health insurance is the problem, not the cure. Nobody should die because they lost their job.

A substantial majority of Americans support Medicare for All. Because they rely on the insurance industry for campaign donations, neither presidential candidate supports it.

Fred Klonsky

Wakarusa, Indiana. 2009. Photo: Fred Klonsky

If all goes our way on November 3rd, the Democrats will control both the Congress and the White House.

Yesterday, about 150 hotel workers who’d been laid off rallied in Grant Park Friday to call on their employers to continue providing health insurance.

They are among about 7,000 Chicago hotel workers represented by UNITE HERE Local 1 who are out of work, most since March.

It is obvious that if we had a system of national health care, some form of Medicare for all, those hotel workers would not be dependent of employer based health insurance.

They would have access to health care now, while we are in the middle of a pandemic.

We would not be debating pre-existing conditions or whether your family dependents were covered.

Joe Biden’s proposals for the existing Affordable Care Act are insufficient.

The position of the national leaders…

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2 thoughts on “Employer-provided health insurance is the problem, not the cure. Nobody should die because they lost their job.

  1. What they call “health Care” today is no good for me. It is really pharmaceutical care and I can take none of their products due to their use of toxic inactive ingredients. If the numbers are right Approximately 20% of the population cannot take those toxicants, and they are not required to do studies on toxicity for the added ingredients.

    No thanks to today’s MDs, I literally dragged myself out of the grave a few years ago. I was dying and I knew. I was ready to accept it and move on, but something ticed at my nerves, telling me it was not yet time.

    I removed my brain from retirement and started researching. A move I made in a cross between frugality and something else, told me the dying did not need any pills, shots, or whatever–those were for the living. I stopped some and weaned off of others.

    My constant pain was relieved and my vision restored almost immediately. The horrible liver pain stopped on a dime.

    “What the hell…,” I thought.

    I was close to kidney failure and that reversed. Many things reversed. My core body temp was going dangerously low [94.something.] I asked an MD about it and he said,

    “Turn the heat up.”

    The lesson I learned was to stay away from what passes today as medical care. In 1973, Nixon passed an act allowing Medicine to become profitable.

    There’s no profit in healthy people.


  2. Good point, Joyce. Western medicine is no use whatsoever for the chronic conditions that plague most people nowadays. When I’m sick, I usually rely on acupuncture. Except for the eye drops I take for glaucoma and occasional fractures, wound care and urinary tract infections.

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