The U.S. Did Not Defeat Fascism in WWII, It Discretely Internationalized It

The American imperium has played central role in the construction of a fascist international by protecting Nazi war criminals and right-wing militants and enlisting them in the Third World War against ‘communism,’ an elastic label extended to any political orientation that entered into conflict with the interests of the capitalist ruling class. This international expansion of fascist modes of governance has led to a proliferation of concentration camps, terrorist and torture campaigns, dirty wars, dictatorial regimes, vigilante groups and organized crime networks around the world.

Counter Information

By Gabriel Rockhill

“The U.S. has established itself as the mortal enemy ofallpeople’s government,allscientific-socialist mobilization of consciousness everywhere on the globe, all anti-imperialist activity on earth.” –George Jackson

October 19, 2020 “Information Clearing House” -One of the founding myths of the contemporary Western European and American world is that fascism was defeated in WWII by liberal democracies, and particularly by the United States. With the subsequent Nuremburg trials and the patient construction of a liberal world order, a bulwark was erected—in fits and starts, and with the constant threat of regression—against fascism and its evil twin in the East. American culture industries have rehearsed this narrative ad nauseum, brewing it into a saccharine ideological Kool-Aid and piping it into every household, shack and street corner with a TV or smartphone, tirelessly juxtaposing the supreme evil of Nazism to the freedom and prosperity of…

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7 thoughts on “The U.S. Did Not Defeat Fascism in WWII, It Discretely Internationalized It

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  2. The article comes from Global Research in Canada, Joyce. One thing I really like about their work is they refuse to abide by strictly “right” or “left” perspectives. I find those classifications increasingly arbitrary, as our so-called democratic institutions are steadily taken over by a wealthy elite for their own purposes. Here’s their website:

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