Russia Hoax: Declassified CIA Memo Reveals Clinton Role

October 8 2020 — John Ratcliffe — The head of the U.S. intelligence community — has declassified a referral sent from the CIA to FBI Director James Comey in September 2016. The short memo speaks volumes. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

The three-page referral, released by Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe to members of Congress in partly redacted form, apprised Comey and FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok that intelligence suggested that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton had approved a plan concerning the Trump campaign and Russia’s alleged hack of the Democratic National Committee.

The Clinton plan was meant to distract the public’s attention from the Clinton email scandal, the CIA referral to Comey and Strzok states […]

Via Russia Hoax — Declassified CIA Memo Reveals Clinton Role — Intel Today

6 thoughts on “Russia Hoax: Declassified CIA Memo Reveals Clinton Role

  1. Ain’t it amazing Gracie?..’Adam Schiff kept bellering, that he had HARD evidence of Russia collusion, but NEVER PRODUCED it.. Then Yates and Brennan under oath, testified that they had not seen proof of Russia collusion but publicly, continue the narrative.. (soo amusing?.. Yes?) – So WHY did this create shock and awe, for the media?.. I thought even Dems could connect the dots!!.. Will ANY BAD ACTORS be prosecuted??… What is your best guess??


  2. I realize that FBI Comey has power to reccomend prosecution but Come has a BAD case of ‘Can’t Remember Squat.. CRS’!.. He made it perfectly clear that ‘he knows NOTHING”.. Just like Col. Klink on Hogans Heroes..


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