9/11: Phone Calls from People Trapped in the Towers | 911 Documentary | Reel Truth History

Phone calls from the Twin Towers shed new light on what really happened.


After the 9/11 attacks, many people were trapped inside The World Trade Centres desperate to make contact to the outside world. Some were able to speak on the phone to loved ones, others were only able to leave messages. Many of these calls have never been heard but now they are being featured in this documentary to help shed light on what really happened inside the towers.

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3 thoughts on “9/11: Phone Calls from People Trapped in the Towers | 911 Documentary | Reel Truth History

  1. 9/11.. The day that I discovered that nothing is what it seems.. I often wonder if other people ever feel violated and traumatized when they start waking up to hard facts?… After 9/11, it didn’t take long to figure out that ALMOST everything I had been taught ‘is opposite from truth’.. I still wonder how I had become so insulated from real truth.. I think it starts in schools.. Maybe it is called ‘Educational Programs’ for a reason…

    Stuart, do you remember the name of a teacher, I think NY, whose father was hired by the gov, to RE-WRITE history textbooks for the educational system- in the 50’s?…

    I did searches, I think her first name is Ill-sa??… (I wrote it that way because auto correct keeps changing it to Lisa!).. (I watched her videos at least 3X so I should NOT have forgotten her name but I have!).. For some reason, I think it is you who recommended her videos..


  2. I share many of the same feelings about 911, Deb. It wasn’t me who recommended the woman you speak of. Let me know if you find her. I would also be keen on watching her videos. There was a great interview with James Corbett on Guns and Butter this week. He talks about Rockefeller and Carnegie revolutionizing the whole educational system in the early 20th century to stamp out creativity and free thought (to make people more suited to their factory roles):


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