Nicaragua, the Country that Didn’t Swallow the Covid Blue Pill

Jorge Capelán

Internationalist 360°

Children of a barrio in Managua celebrating the anniversary of the excecution of dictator Anastasio Somoza García in 1956. (Photo: Jorge Capelán)

No curfews, no lockdowns, no “stay at home”, no psychosis, no covid-calamities. There has been much talk about the Swedish corona strategy but the strategy of Nicaragua has been by far more successful, with many fewer deaths, no “economic rescue” for big banks and only limited damage to small and medium sized businesses.

In the midst of the worldwide economic debacle caused by covid hysteria, food self-sufficient, small business based, impoverished Nicaragua, has seen its exports grow over 10% the past 8 months because it did not shut down its economy. Precisely because it sustained its economy, it has not had to take on huge loans in order to face the emergency. Thus, its foreign debt levels remain within a readily manageable range, below 50% of GDP. (On the other hand, the economies of neighboring countries such as Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, are hurting badly with debt levels soaring).


I went out on Sunday afternoon in the barrio where I live in Managua. Bars full of people, even small family-run restaurants full of guests. No masks. The local convenience store which still has the “only-masked-customers-allowed” sign hanging from the door no longer refuses to let maskless people in.

There is no mask-wearing official policy in Nicaragua except for a recomendation that only patients with respiratory conditions or personnel taking care of them should wear masks. The wearing of surgical gloves by patients, on the other hand, is strongly discouraged as it poses a serious risk of contagion both of coronavirus and other respiratory deseases. In hospitals and health care units most people wear masks, be it out of precaution or out of plain courtesy. Otherwise, in offices and shops handwashing and alcohol hand sanitizers are readily available practically everywhere.

No restrictions have been put in place for public meetings and sports championships such as the popular local baseball league have taken place without problems, as well as scores of local fairs and other traditional activities that take place weekly.

Few massive activities have been cancelled due to covid, especially Catholic Church processions, most notably the traditional 10-day-long celebrations of Saint Dominic in Managua, for which thousands of people gather every year. For the most part, people have moved around, going out or heading to the beach as normal. Over the last 3 weeks, an all-time record number of over 83 thousand people visited the Salvador Allende Port and its lakeside promenade – a big and popular public leisure complex in Managua–, according to the authorities.

Schools haven’t closed down, which is very good for the country’s school children, since they provide a nutritious meal a day to 1.2 million children, a food security measure contributing greatly to improved public health for families across Nicaragua.

Yet, with just 2-3 covid-19 deaths per week the last couple of weeks (147 in total as of September 22nd), Nicaragua is by far the least affected country in Central America. Belice has only 19 deaths so far, but on the other hand, its population is a fraction of Nicaragua’s.

As in Germany and other countries, Nicaragua’s Health Ministery does differentiate between deaths of patients “with covid” and “from covid”. That is, a person can be with covid-19 but in the last instance die from an acute heart attack, while someone else who also has covid-19 can die “from covid-19” because of an upper lung condition typical of viruses that cause Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), such as SARS-CoV-2. That is the official explanation given by the authorities in a white paper on Nicaragua’s public health response to the pandemic issued last May.

A;though increased mortality due to pneumonia has been noticed (last week, 26% fewer pneumonia cases were reported, but with an increase of 8% in deaths – related but not directly caused by covid), the situation in the hospitals, health care centers, funeral parlours and graveyards is totally normal. No collapse anywhere.

By the end of April and the beginning of May, when the majority of covid deaths were reported, many people lost acquaintances, relatives or friends with comorbidities, but not even back then did the situation reach the kinds of scenes taking place in other countries. The health system never came even close to saturation point at any time.

In the Western press Nicaragua has been portrayed as a country that “did nothing” to divert the pandemic, which is totally false. Very early on, on January 21st, while the wealthy countries of North America and Europe dallied, Nicaragua declared a national epidemiological alert. That was the day after the Chinese authorities reported that country’s third death from covid-19. Some weeks later, Nicaragua’s national covid response committee elaborated a detailed protocol based on strenghtening the public health system and informing the population on a mass scale.

The strategy followed by the Nicaraguan Government was based on informing the population, taking care of the elderly and frail and strengthening the public health system, specially via enhanced control of the many diseases already threatening the population such as zika, dengue, malaria and chikungunya […]



6 thoughts on “Nicaragua, the Country that Didn’t Swallow the Covid Blue Pill

  1. That’s very misleading isn’t it? Nicaragua has about 6.5 million people. Over 5000 cases and 149 deaths that exclude many if not most of the deaths as if the people would have died anyway without Covid. The article should use the excess deaths method to give any kind of balanced view.

    On the economics side, GDP did grow 1.8% first quarter 2020 after a full 2 years of deep recession, but GDP/capita and GDP on purchasing power parity both fell. Economic activity there is also heavily seasonal with Q4 and Q1 being a lot higher than the other quarters. Inflation exceeds 6%. I haven’t seen the Q2 info (it might not be available yet).

    At this point, I take the entire report with much more than a grain of salt.




  2. America is a rutted out polluted crap hole, where people have multiple chronic  conditions. Nuclear sacrifice zones, in the west.

    Hospital Icus in populated areas, ran  full till september  some are still full. They may run full again. People were put in nursing homes and died or, died in the streets w covid. Could have been prevented.  Many  navajo people  with covid . They are isolated and an underserved indiginous people smaller in number.

    Sweden did not do so well as some say . Many studies proving it. 20 times as many deaths as norway.
    America has a lousy healthcare system. America can barely be compared to other people. No one cared here. In the beginning, if people took steps it could be better.
    In japan and korea people wore masks and stayed home because ,THEY are homogenous, anal-retentive cultures.
    You can hardly compare new zealand and  nicaragua to america. Small populateions with better health care than the us.

    People do as they please in america. It shows.
    75 percent of americas west, had wildfires in the summer , aug sept , sending toxic and radioactive smoke across america , which has made respiratory disease worse.

    Covid is  not the flu or tuberculosis. It attacks the lungs, heart , immune system and brain in chronic intermediate and acutely critical cases. People show no antibodies, a month after they get covid, so herd immunity is not working.

    Sweden has a high morbidity rate w covid ie post covid sydromes that many people are showing. Sweden has a hi mortality rate for a small country, with a good medical system and, lower population. The reason for masks early on in bad epidemics, was because covid is easily transmitted and there are super spreaders. :Granted many people have mild  cases but, no one knows what Covid may do to future health in many cases and ,especially for hospitalized victims who survive.

    Almost 6000 dead in sweden now and, deaths are going up again in sweden.



    COVID ‘long haulers’ suffer symptoms weeks, months, Later
    September 20, 2020

    “DENVER (AP) — In the early hours of an April morning, at her home in Erie, Malea Anderson woke up with what felt like an explosion of ice water up her spine and into her head. She had a massive headache and tried to get out of bed to go to the bathroom, but her limbs wouldn’t cooperate. She feared she was having a stroke.” 1000 more words to story

    Herd immunitt is not working. They probly will not get a vaccine anytime soon because, of immune funtion disrupted by covid. Maybe never.

    vit d helps a lot in early stages
    important to get steroids early if in lungs like other inflam diseases like brain eating amoebas and encephalitis

    It is probably correct ,that it may be hard to make a vaccine for covid, but if they can, they should. Covid has been proven to cause heart damage lung damage and nero damage in patients young and old so it is not an ordinary sars or flu virus. It may even be like other viral and infectious syndromes, where chronic symptoms feom lung heart and nerve damage may  show much later . Such symptons are showing up earlier in significant numbers of covid survivors.

    Covid is more easily transmitted than many other viruses. Herd immunity does not work because, people lose antibodies for covid so quickly.  There are several studies proving these points. They are all there. I urge u to explore them.

    Vit c and vit d help for covid in the non serious stages. The cubans use interferon and sometime ribavarin which has been used for the RNA hepatitis C Virus. They have saved many lives of people in hospitals.
    Lungs and heart tissue are being eaten by covid in mre cases than they were before. There are more people who have died or gotten sick than are said because they are poor have health access issues dont eat well or are homeless,. Covid is not like the flu in its late stages and it is not chronic in the sense of tuburculosis.

    HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE HAS BEEN SHOWN BY MULTIPLE RIGOROUS SWEDISH STUDIES TO NOT PREVENTING COVID FROM GETTING WORSE AND NOT AT ALL IN BAD CASES OF COVID EITHER. Hcq is highly toxic if taken improperly or, if too high doses are taken. It can cause hearing loss, suicidal depression and heart blockage arrythmia.

    Ivermectin does help with covid.

    I have covid now It is a mild case so far.
    Three people in my city meetup, social gp have died from covid in a large metro area.
    Covis has aids like effects on t cells. No antibodies show in many people a month and few months after infection. People have been reinfected w covid.
    My friends new born baby died from covid.

    There are anomolies w covid. Africa and nicaragua have had lower cases. Maybe because of some environmental factor, or genetic factor.

    There are many super spreaders of covid in industrialized countries

    I sure hope they figure some thing out soon.


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  4. they compare covid to the flu of 1918 where millions died but if they had covid then it could have killed 10s of millions because it is a superspreader event . They did not have steroids , antibiotics or antivirals then . they had extremely poor hygeine habits. Gotta love the generalizations of academics in differing counties and cultures and the partison takes on covid. I find it difficult to swallow comparisons of the 1918 flu event and covid19. I also question boorish comparisons of covid statistics in this country and that county and countries of completely different cultures, demographics, medical systems, homogeneity and other factors.


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