How the world’s richest destroyed the climate to fly more and drive bigger cars.

“The climate was not destroyed to lift people out of poverty, or because people in Africa had too many babies. It was destroyed so that the world’s richest could fly more and drive bigger cars.”

The Free

As longer term readers will be aware, the original title of this blog was Make Wealth History. I chose the name to highlight the fact that a fair and sustainable world is impossible if all the attention is on lifting the poorest out of poverty.

How the world’s richest destroyed the climate — The Earthbound Report

There isn’t the ecological space for everyone on earth to enjoy a Western consumer lifestyle. Those in the richest countries have to shrink their consumption in order to make room.

The role of the richest in environmental destruction has rarely been presented as graphically as it is in Oxfam’s latest report. Confronting Carbon Inequality investigates the last 25 years of accumulating carbon emissions and maps it onto income brackets.

The headline finding is that the top 1% are responsible for double the emissions of the poorest 50% of humanity. The climate was not destroyed…

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2 thoughts on “How the world’s richest destroyed the climate to fly more and drive bigger cars.

  1. It is about time that more people know how we have been duped into believing we are responsible for the worlds problems . Since recorded history the powerful have used the might is right principle to have the best of everything at the expense of the less powerful. The only thing that has changed is the Powerful have a wider range. From country to continent to world. AI is now a reality. Fewer
    slaves are required. More poor defenceless people. The rich can now have the world comforts and convenience. The poor can starve. (and will). unless the whole world revolts. Covid 19. isn’t responsible for the way governments have reacted. Which has been from advice from the organisations meant to protect the world. Wake up or die.


  2. Yes, yes, yes, twobeessite. Thanks for reminding us. We are definitely not responsible for the world’s problems. It’s amazing how many of us are still willing to take this on. And you’re right. We must revolt or die.


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