Culture, Class and Civilization

Great essay on the origin of class society.

Journal of People


Culture, Class and Civilisation

Dave Lordan

Culture Matters | September 16, 2020

Culture, class and civilisation

About 10,000 years ago, after 3.6 million years of the Stone Age, humanity began to slowly and stutteringly transform itself. A nomadic species made up of small egalitarian groups and surviving (or not) on the given bounty of the Earth, changed into a settled, class-based, accumulative society. It was based on agricultural surpluses, and institutional hierarchies and gross inequalities were to become a permanent feature. The domestication of certain animals such as the sheep and the goat, cultivation of high-yield grains, and improvements in food storage methods, irrigation, and farming methods and technologies, gave humanity for the first time the problem of more than enough stuff to go around – surplus – and what to do with it.

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6 thoughts on “Culture, Class and Civilization

  1. “. . . . the problem of more than enough stuff to go around – surplus – and what to do with it. ”
    This sounds interesting! Thanks for the link, Stuart. I reblogged it now. 🙂


  2. Interesting “fiction”. Sure, some historical truth in there but the premise is based on a false understanding of the beginning of the class problem. It did not develop into class, it began with class and every struggle since has been for the worker drones to throw off the rule of their oppressors in the hope of becoming like them or supplanting them. Kingship did not magically develop. It is not a product of evolution which if seriously considered would make no sense at all. It began with the rulers who were aliens. They imposed kings and policing forces upon the slave classes to maintain power and ‘order’ and when they left, the invented ruling class stayed in power… easily deduced with a bit of serious reading and a lot of common sense.

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  3. I’m not sure there is that much discrepancy between Lordan’s position and yours Sha’Tara. I think the problem is with his writing style. He seems to fudge his position a lot. For some reason, he’s not willing to call a spade a spade as you do. I, personally, favor feminist anthropologists like Sylvia Federici, who believes the development of patriarchy was integral to the development of class society.

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  4. I am aware of the problem of interpretation. Standard approach is either the classic religious creation story or evolution. My way of thinking is, the creation story is closer to the truth than any belief in evolution. If we are honest, we have to admit that natural evolution could not -ever- have taken the giant steps that man’s earliest civilizations took. Not even if we added billions of years to allow for the possibility homo sapiens social development, natural evolution would never have proceeded to develop the insane society we find ourselves existing within today. There was a non-naturally explainable intervention on this world and it has led to the rapid development of a non-sustainable exploitative system. It has been my contention for most of my life that homo sapiens is alien to this world, equipped with GMO tailored genes and is subject to non-earth controlling programming. Once that line of reasoning is seriously engaged then the lights begin to come on all the way back through our dark historical tunnel. We do have a history but it has never been allowed to become a serious source of study and reasoning, hence our failure to understand ourselves, our predatory nature and our inability to comprehend how our ways, if not corrected drastically, can only lead to the destruction of this world. Our negation, our refusal to admit to a non-classic interpretation for our type of life despite so much evidence is all the proof I need that mankind is a puppet (the elitist rulers) and a slave (the rest of the servant classes), never a master.


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