Are Breast Implants Safe? The FDA Reviews Health Concerns – The Atlantic

Recent evidence suggests that the rare cancer anaplastic large cell lymphoma, or ALCL, is more common in patients who have had textured-surface breast implants. In a controversial 2018 study, researchers also found a link between several cancers and autoimmune diseases and silicone implants.

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Are Breast Implants Safe? The FDA Reviews Health Concerns – The Atlantic

Given how casually breast augmentation is often talked about and advertised, it can seem like skipping the lifetime of follow-up is no big deal. But patients can suffer from the less-than-serious cultural attitude toward cosmetic modifications—and unscrupulous doctors can benefit. “Not everybody putting breast implants in across the country is a board-certified plastic surgeon,” Spector says. “You have variation in state laws, and if you’re doing things in your own office, all you need is a medical license.” Untrained surgeons performing cosmetic procedures in high-volume, low-cost settings can have deadly results. In February, USA Today published an investigation into a group of Miami clinics where eight women had died from surgical complications. (The owner of the clinics has denied any wrongdoing.)

Although the surgeons I spoke with said that many patients’ breast-augmentation complications are likely the result of…

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8 thoughts on “Are Breast Implants Safe? The FDA Reviews Health Concerns – The Atlantic

        • DrB. Tubularsock is not an authority on this subject so Tubularsock will just have to go anecdotally.

          In general, most men are stuck in adolescence or more specifically in the “tween” years: ages 9 to 12, when it comes to sexual understanding. As well as “loving”.

          Now Tubularsock knows this is a broad generalization but it seems to be more true than false. Even today.

          Size-theory, number of “conquests”, and boasting of both seems to be the major conversation to the point where Tubularsock had to shift gym time to very late evening and bar time to drinking alone, a preference.

          Now that is not to say that there aren’t some enlightened men (and age has NOTHING to do with it) but it is the consciousness of the individual that matters.

          Most functioning is “slam-bam, thank you ma’am” which is a cause of a lack of an enduring relationship.

          But even a lame horse can learn to walk ……. so there’s hope.

          Yet as Tubularsock’s dear old mother repeated ad nauseam, “The ONLY contraceptive is keeping it in your pants!”

          Ahhh, dear old mother.



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