Xinjiang and Uyghurs — What You’re Not Being Told

The truth behind the CIA propaganda.

World Affairs

“1 million Uyghur Muslims in concentration camps!” … “Ethnic Cleansing and Cultural Genocide!” … the western media is very effective at using emotional phrases. But what’s the real story? Let’s go beyond exaggeration, distortion and sensationalism.

First of all, the media will never show the peaceful, prosperous parts of Xinjiang:

Grand Bazaar in Urumqi, capital of Xinjiang

And Western media won’t talk about the billions of dollars that China has invested in Xinjiang, modernizing the cities, building 21 airports, linking the region with bullet trains etc. Here’s a video of Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang. See how prosperous it is:

Bullet Train 2
High-Speed Railway in Xinjiang

In 2018, the 21 airports in Xinjiang handled 33 million passengers

The Chinese government’s efforts are reflected in the exponential GDP growth of the Xinjiang region:

Regarding the Muslim minority, there are thousands of mosques in Xinjiang, a region whose recorded history goes back…

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2 thoughts on “Xinjiang and Uyghurs — What You’re Not Being Told

  1. Leland Roth on August 14, 2020 at 4:53 pm

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Don’t recall Tibet willfully joining CCP’s blessed union….In fact Mao’s CCP controlled China invaded back in 1949 quite unwanted.

    Here’s excerpt from a book on today’s Tibet certainly NOT covered in this hit propaganda bit on the iron fist CCP’s control of China’s ongoing ham fist control of that sorry now former country…historically never theirs in the first place as was never Taiwan!

    And here is a link to Tibetan Empire when it wasn’t so infused with the notion of karma…lol

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  2. Yep, your original source for the hit somewhat true propaganda CCP article didn’t publish what u did Stuart here…THANK U for publishing my comment above. My last nite dreams were ALL nite long about the so many, many Chinese citizens dealing with the ongoing lies CCP continues to push on their citizens ~ who r desperately trying to escape in the NOW SO EXTREMELY secretly repressive China ~ which u chose to @ least acknowledge here.💖

    And the CCP….not even touching the their Falun Gong ongoing snafu of lore in their above sanctimonious article …
    has other former HIGHLY respected Chinese citizens DAILY exposing their ongoing BLATANT so numerous lies here in @ least Twitter by Jenifer Zeng. See for yourself⚡

    Jennifer Zeng 曾錚

    Caught on camera! Dr. Zhang Chaoyang of #CCP’s military hospital, PLA Rocket General Hospital, admits they can find “best of the best” livers from people who practice qigong. Independent investigations have found that CCP has been killing #prisoners of conscience for #organs.

    So WHO is lying now?

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