LEE CAMP: 28 Million Evictions Loom as Houses Sit Empty

America is not based on hard work. Get it out of your head that this society is set up to be fair. Fair would be everyone with a roof over their head.

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By Lee Camp
Special to Consortium News

Congress’s inability to actually represent the real-live human beings of America, combined with an economic system that rewards lack of empathy and an excess of greed, has brought us to a dark time when an oncoming tsunami of financial ruin, destitution and evictions towers over our heads, blocking out the sunlight.

The impending evictions may soon kick 28 million people/families out of their homes. To put that in perspective, only ten million people lost their homes during the 2008 economic crisis, and that was considered by anyone paying attention to be the craziest thing to ever happen.

What we’re facing now could be three times crazier, getting to Charlie Sheen levels. (I almost wrote “Kanye West levels” but everything he does is in hopes of being mentioned in the media, and I’m not falling for it. …Shit. This parenthetical has betrayed me!)

To talk about the impending homelessness tsunami, we have to first get past the fact that our government could totally bail people out and keep them in their homes. Not only have they already bailed out big banks and Wall Street to the tune of $4.25 Trillion, but on top of that the Pentagon has over $21 Trillion of unaccounted-for adjustments on their books over the past 20 years. This is to say – there’s plenty of money.

Money is an idea, a concept, an imaginary metaphysical belief, and it’s high time we faced the fact that the U.S. government has an unlimited imagination. As philosopher Alan Watts once put it: Money is not a thing, it’s a measurement. Saying there’s not enough money to do something is like a builder saying there’s not enough inches to build a house. He has the wood, nails and hammers. He’s just out of inches.

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The U.S. government could easily give every American $2,000 a month for the foreseeable future, which would keep almost everybody in their homes and apartments. In fact, Canada has opted to give $2,000 a month to those who lost work because of the pandemic.

But ignore the fact that there’s enough money. That’s not what we’re here to discuss.

There are also enough empty homes. As of 2018, there were nearly 1.5 million vacant homes in the country. Compare that to the estimated 553,742 people homeless on any given night. So even before the pandemic, there were three empty houses for every homeless person. Three. That’s not even accounting for empty apartments, yachts, sheds, extra bedrooms, garages, condos, cubbyholes, attic spaces, basements, barns, pool houses, and walk-in refrigerators […]

Via https://consortiumnews.com/2020/08/03/lee-camp-28-million-evictions-loom-as-houses-sit-empty/

12 thoughts on “LEE CAMP: 28 Million Evictions Loom as Houses Sit Empty

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  2. Unfortunately many of the homeless are mentally ill or alcohol or drug addicted. That makes helping them much more difficult than just suggesting they be given housing in unoccupied housing. That housing may be on the market for sale, located somewhere distant from the homeless, or in need of rehabilitation before the government would ever allow the homeless to use it (legally). Emotional and ideological folks always express great sentiments but so often don’t understand the real root causes of these types of social problems, or the unintended consequences of their simple solutions.


    • Homeless would take any shelter . in the here and now, such bigoted opinions against homeless is wrong . it is wrong because there are so many homeless people from, so many walks of life . not just mentally ill People that become homeless start drinking, but they would cleanup to be able to survive. Many don’t drink and are not mentally ill in the here and now

      It was bad before. Now it will be like depression levels . 50 percent homeless. It was bad before now it is a crisis now. Go out and see for yourself sir. Geatgramma said the term, “a pot on the back burner, “came from keeping food for all the wandering people in the 30s


    • As a retired psychiatrist, David, I’m well aware of the problems of mental illness and alcohol and drug abuse among the homeless. The mental health and addiction treatment aspect of the social safety net was shredded long before the housing component. In fact it started in the 1980s under Reagan. During the period I practiced in the US (1978-2002), I was actually far more concerned about the mentally ill Americans warehoused in US prisons and jails.


      • David strang is probably a bot.

        Lots of homeless are mi annd substance abusers. There are soon going to be many more that start out not being so. That was a trite old dated observation the bot made. There are many more homeless Soon there will be masses of homeless from eviction and forclosure.
        Many more dying of covid that are reported and covid is real. It is a bioengineered virus that damages the immune system, the heart and causes permanent neurological sequelae. My friend from the Bay area is a doctor who says that the incidence and mortality of homless covid is 8 to 10 times higher than the general population. It came from the USA and it is genocide.


    • David, Tubularsock agrees that many homeless are mentally ill as well as being alcohol and drug addicted.

      But the same goes for the Congress and the Executive branch of our government but there also seems to be plenty of help for them.

      There are plenty of companies in the system that can make more money through write off rental loss for their empty building and take advantage of the tax savings to cover major profit from other investments that they carry on their books.

      THAT should be a crime! Homelessness should not.

      Like everything there is always a simple solution but it just takes a larger vision.


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