Cost of extreme weather due to climate change is severely underestimated

The New Zealand Treasury estimated that two droughts in 2007 and 2013 jointly reduced GDP in New Zealand by around NZ$4.8bn (US$3.4bn in 2017). Using previously published methods, which used climate models to estimate changes in the types of weather patterns typical of severe New Zealand drought, we estimate that around NZ$800m (US$568m) of this cost is due to climate change.

County Sustainability Group

Over the past decade, a compelling body of evidence has linked a range of extreme weather events to human-caused climate change

Aerial view of flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas, on 31 August 2017. Credit: UPI / Alamy Stock Photo.

This area of research – known as “event attribution” – provides a means for climate scientists to examine how the severity and frequency of weather events, such as heatwaves, droughts and storms, are changing as greenhouse gas concentrations rise.

In a pair of new journal papers, we have attempted to open up a new avenue for quantifying the “attributable costs” of weather-related disasters. We focus on recent droughts and floods in New Zealand and the landfall of Hurricane Harvey in Texas in 2017.

Using event attribution as the scientific basis for quantifying how extreme weather has changed, we have been examining the links…

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9 thoughts on “Cost of extreme weather due to climate change is severely underestimated

  1. ‘Over the past decade, a compelling body of evidence has linked a range of extreme weather events to human-caused climate change. ‘

    i bet thats right. what they will never mention is that much of human caused climate change is due to geoengineering. particularly the weaponized variety. thats one thing these researchers will never include in their “event attribution”. when you leave out a variable that portentous your research aint worth a damn.

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  2. I’m not quite following you there, nomad. I can’t see how the specific cause of the catastrophic weather event alters the amount of economic damage it causes. Unless I’m missing something?


    • it will matter when the researchers prescribe approaches for dealing with climate change. they may tell us to stop driving, for example, but not to stop geoengineering. then they will likely wonder, if we do,why thats not working. why? because theyve ignored a big part of the problem.


    • maybe i didnt articulate that well. its not that it alters the amount of damage being done. it criminally misrepresents the cause. and therefore inhibits our ability to mitigate the destruction, ecocide and omnicide. i dont know if youre familiar with wigington lays it all out quite thoroughly.

      “The degree to which the ongoing climate engineering/climate/intervention/weather warfare is disrupting Earth’s atmosphere and life support systems is already beyond catastrophic and rapidly escalating all over the globe.’
      ignoring a variable this enormous is unconscionable for socalled researchers engaging in socalled event attribution. how the hell can they ignore this?


  3. Yes, I’m well acquainted with the site you mention. In my view, it falls short in producing quantitative evidence in the extent of geoengineering that’s occurring or the proportion of blame it deserves. I also feel the site is lacking in clear proposals for how to stop it.


    • interesting. i am surprised that people are not more alarmed by this. geoengineering is a much greater threat to humanity than, for example, covid.


      • In my view, nomad, covid is only slightly worse than really bad flu. It’s severity has been exaggerated for political reasons. The problem with geoengineering, there is no good solution other than dismantling capitalism.

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        • lets do that then. probably a complex task. i suggest, as a start, defund the US military. that would solve a lot of problems. because the US military is the primary culprit in the manmade aspect of global warming. and in the violent chaos around the world. and just think what could be done with all the money thus saved. like curing global hunger.

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        • we could start w this. no need to even mention chemtrails
          “Immediate cut of 25% from Military Spending – If you ask the average citizen how much of his or her federal taxes goes toward military spending, you will most likely get answers from 10% to maybe 20%. The sad reality is that over half, 50+%,  goes down that rabbit hole! What is publicized is that over $ 700 billion per year goes for just that. Factor in the ‘Black Budget’ of funds that go for similar means AKA NSA and CIA operations, and you can see the utter contempt that this empire has for its citizens. Imagine what $175+ billion per year can do to once again MAGA (Make America Great Again) , not for phony walls at the border or more overkill WMDs.”

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