FDA Criticized as COVID Tests Still Not Accurate: US Starts Second Lockdown Anyway

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

The corporate media news cycle this week is once again promoting fear in the American population by claiming that COVID cases are again on the rise in “hot spots,” prompting calls for more lock downs and other measures, including many states now requiring people to wear face masks in public.

Two key pieces of information are missing from almost all of these reports in the corporate media: death rates (even by their own statistics) are NOT increasing but holding steady or even decreasing, and inaccuracy with the tests themselves is still widespread.

A report earlier this month out of Wichita Falls, Texas, for example, revealed that testing of residents and staff at a medical facility revealed many positive results, but since none of them were sick, they retested 20 of them, and the second test result was negative in all 20 .

In a Facebook post Monday night Sheridan Medical Lodge reported that 78 residents and staff members tested positive for COVID-19 during routine testing conducted on May 25 however after retesting 20 staff and residents the test came back negative.

According to the post, 46 residents and 32 staff members tested positive during routine facility testing.

All positive cases were asymptomatic. According to the post, it is unusual for cases at a nursing facility to not show any symptoms which prompted a retest of 20 residents and staff.

The results of all 20 retests have come back negative for COVID-19. (Source.)

The national corporate media franchises would probably never publish something like this, because it doesn’t fit their narrative for the Plandemic […]

Via https://vaccineimpact.com/2020/fda-criticized-as-covid-tests-still-not-accurate-but-u-s-starts-second-lockdown-anyway/


2 thoughts on “FDA Criticized as COVID Tests Still Not Accurate: US Starts Second Lockdown Anyway

  1. Hi Stuart,

    As far as I know there are no asymptomatic Covid cases in NZ. If there were, or had been, we would not have been able to eliminate Covid unless all asymptomatic infections resulted in asymptomatic community transmission. In which case we would never pick the infections up anyway unless sentinel testing was done widely on people without symptoms, and the presence of asymptomatic Covid wouldn’t matter because nobody would be getting sick and we might, just might, develop a minor level of herd immunity.

    So I’m inclined to the view that many of the testing kits being used around the world are faulty. Maybe we haven’t had the same problem here because we are not relying on serum tests. (There can be antibodies for all sorts of things aside from Covid, so serum testing has to differentiate between antibodies – from the little I’ve read about that, they seem to rely on timing differences between Ig and Ie immunoglobulin concentrations or residual Covid RNA fragments?)




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