The Co-opting of Activism by the State — OffGuardian


By Dustin Broadbery

It is well documented that members of the police and intelligence communities have been infiltrating activist groups since the sixties. With covert spymasters rising in the ranks to hold influential leadership positions, guiding policy and strategy, and in some cases, radicalising those movements from within, in order to damage their reputation and weaken public support.

A judge-led public enquiry in the UK revealed at least 144 undercover police operations had infiltrated and spied on more than 1,000 political groups in long term deployments since 1968.

These days, rather than using coercion to suppress sedition, there is a body of evidence to suggest the state has devised more nefarious methods for countering subversion. Involving the co-opting of grassroots movements, in its bid to transform the unbridled ideals of activism into genuflections of corporate and political interest.

Indeed, the denaturing of our social movements has engendered a culture of advocacy whereby it is no longer forged in the backyard of community and instead through a series of state sponsored global debates, on authorised issues only, such as climate change […]

via The Co-opting of Activism by the State — OffGuardian

8 thoughts on “The Co-opting of Activism by the State — OffGuardian

  1. Thank the Gods.

    It is wonderful to see the governments taking an interest and a leading role in the pseudo-left protests over the years.

    Now if the fucking public would awaken and see just how thorough they have been fucked over just maybe they’d get off the couch and BURN THE PLACE DOWN!

    Tubularsock is pushing for EXTREME VIOLENCE as the religion of the masses.

    Giving peace a chance …….. we did and it hasn’t worked!


    Oh, and have a nice day, Tube.


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