More Gates-Funded “Brave New World” Science: Fake Breast Milk

By the Children’s Health Defense Team

Technocrat Bill Gates has received a lot of attention for his global health policy prescriptions related to COVID-19 lockdowns and vaccines. The tycoon’s enthusiasm for experimental biotech injections should come as no surprise, given his longstanding global investments in vaccine-focused organizations and programs. However, Mr. Gates also funds numerous other initiatives, all of which—like his vaccine efforts—feature a near-evangelical belief in the power of science and technology to do Mother Nature one better.

The latest Gates-backed venture to attract notice is a Durham, North Carolina-based biotechnology start-up called Biomilq, which just raised $3.5 million to develop lab-cultured breast milk. Leading the productive round of venture capital fundraising was Breakthrough Energy Ventures, a fund established in 2015 by Gates and a coalition of private investors to “advance energy innovations.” Fellow investors include Jeff Bezos, Michael Bloomberg, Richard Branson, George Soros and Mark Zuckerberg, among others.

In case it isn’t obvious why an ostensibly climate-change-focused investment group of mostly men would be interested in a women-led biotech baby formula company, the media spelled it out in the headlines: According to Biomilq, the artificial, lab-cultured “breast milk” will have a smaller carbon footprint than ordinary baby formula. Further emphasizing the start-up’s apparently prosocial goals, one of the founders told journalists that the company “made it clear to potential investors from day one that profitability wasn’t the core interest.” However, after explaining that the start-up was “very careful about which investment firms it took money from, focusing on mission-driven investors rather than profit-motivated ones,” she admitted that “anybody worth half their salt can see that there’s potentially a very large market here […]


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7 thoughts on “More Gates-Funded “Brave New World” Science: Fake Breast Milk

  1. Bill Gates the genius ! He hasn’t thought about the fact that the poor little customer base who will drink the fake breast milk (‘Biomilq’) is rapidly declining. Why? Because genius brains like his, so widely acclaimed by the world, are using their notoriety to sell this idea of fake breast milk, while simultaneously flinging money to any big media for the purpose of advancing the idea of killing off babies. They are the one and only ‘consumers’.


    • To be honest, Mary Anne, the whole notion is too obscene to get my head around. Even the WHO (which I am very skeptical of) recommends supplementing solid food with breastfeeding until age 4 for full development of gut bacteria and the immune system. There is no way any manufactured breast milk will provide adequate the gut bacteria we need , and growing research suggests a high incidence of insulin resistance, obesity, and chronic illnesses in exclusively formula fed babies.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Tubularsock has always found depressing how so many have lost their way, not seeing that it is what is inside that counts.

      Of course, having a hair style like Tubularsock does have its moments!


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