Jan Resseger: Time to Stop Using Armed Police in Schools

Several school districts have followed the lead of the Minneapolis Board of Education including the schools of Rochester, New York, and Portland, Oregon. It also looks as though the members of the Denver, Colorado Board of Education will vote to terminate the employment of police school resource officers, known everywhere these days as SROs.

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Jan Resseger writes here about the decision by Minneapolis and other school districts to remove police from the schools.

She begins:

In the aftermath of the tragic police killing of George Floyd and the widespread protests of police brutality that have followed, the Schott Foundation for Public Education comments: “We want to lift up one ray of hope in this dark moment: The Minneapolis Board of Education made in important step… when it voted to sever its relationship with the Minneapolis Police Department… which until now had been the recipient of more than $1 million in education funds to put its officers in schools… The danger of police officers in schools—and their contribution to creating the school-to-prison pipeline that threatens so many children of color—is well documented and their removal has been a central demand of education justice organizations that Schott is proud to support….”

Several school districts have followed…

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5 thoughts on “Jan Resseger: Time to Stop Using Armed Police in Schools

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    • Excellent point, manosfortru. It’s been my observation that that taxpayers don’t have much say in how their money is spent, especially when it comes to the police. I won’t tell you about the time in my naive 20s when I wrote the Madison police department and complained about a patrol car trying to run down a protestor on the side.


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