US Court Case Could Spell Beginning of the End for Water Fluoridation

Courtroom Battle Could Lead to Limits on Fluoridation of Drinking Water

4 thoughts on “US Court Case Could Spell Beginning of the End for Water Fluoridation

  1. I well remember when the issue of fluoridation came up in Savannah, sometime in the 1960s. My family had well water. My father, a public health doctor, said he would consider getting county water if it were fluoridated. My mother was afraid of water supplies being poisoned. (Fluorine is an element, which occurs naturally, and it is also considered a poison.)

    I’m glad the issue is surfacing again, long overdue. It makes me wonder how anyone could ever think adding a poison to the water supply is a good idea. First, we can’t know whether it would be distributed evenly in the water supply. Would it tend to accumulate in less-used pipes or storage areas? Would it layer out?

    I suspect any processed food or beverage manufacturer that uses fluoridated water in its manufacturing process would perhaps unwittingly, also be adding fluoride to its food products, so there would be additive doses to individuals who drink the artificially fluoridated water and the processed food products. Theoretically, anyone who lives in the US may be getting fluoride from multiple sources but wouldn’t even know it.

    Who benefits from adding fluoride to water supplies? Considering we are already drowning in environmental toxins (my opinion), why would anyone want to add more of them voluntarily?


    • It’s ironic that only English-speaking countries continue to fluoridate their water, Katherine. Fluoridation was banned in Europe more than a decade ago. Most communities in New Zealand have removed the fluoride from their water (a local citizens group pressured our district council to remove it from New Plymouth water in 2011). More and more communities in the UK and Canada have voted to ban it. Only the US, Australia, and Ireland continue widespread fluoridation.

      5 recent studies linking water fluoridation to low IQ in babies are particularly scary.

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