Washington DC Neighbors Shelter Peaceful Protestors

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Keith Preston

If you’re not following the Swann Street siege story this morning, it’s incredible.

Yesterday evening, D.C. police forced a large group of peaceful protesters and demonstrators into a residential neighborhood in a tactic known as “kettling.”

Kettling is a military technique to encircle people, to box them in on all sides, into a smaller and smaller and smaller space where they can’t retreat or escape from. In American protests, it’s often accompanied by police forces taking advantage of the fact that protesters can’t retreat to inflict maximum harm with teargas, batons, and other weapons for an extended period before doing mass arrests.

It’s not a dispersement technique, it’s the complete opposite — it’s a technique of intense aggression, and it’s controversial because it’s seldom used in good faith and often results in intense prolonged violence, with the intention of also cutting everyone caught in the kettle off from medics, aid, food, water, the ability to leave, etc.

Last night, D.C. police pushed demonstrators into a residential neighborhood in an attempt to kettle them. But residents of the neighborhood had been watching, and threw open their front doors to protesters, including a first-generation Indian-American man named Rahul Dubey.

Rahul and his neighbors sheltered a hundred people or more, between them, for eight hours last night, including having teargas fired at their homes and having the police try to enter their private property several times through various methods. They were rebuked and dispelled every time.

via Direct Action Wins Again

3 thoughts on “Washington DC Neighbors Shelter Peaceful Protestors

  1. How close now is America to a re-enactment of the Rwandan genocidal massacre? One year? Ten years? Regardless, it’s going to take place and a lot of sleepers will not get a chance to wake up. America is essentially “done for.” I must add though that as much as I hate America, I’d want to be “out of here” before it initiates the inevitable blood bath. I’m sick of Earth man’s violence; sick of the distrust, the fear and the hate. In particular I’m sick of those “rulers” who do everything in their power to incited the unthinking mobs to mindless violence for their own satisfaction, power and other personal gains they may garner from their lies.


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