Plague of Corruption: The Book Behind Plandemic

Plague of Corruption: Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science

By Dr Judy Mikovitz and Kent Heckenlively JD

Skyhorse Publishing Inc (2020)

Book Review

The banning of the film Plandemic on YouTube and other social medial sites, has caused this book to soar to Amazon’s best seller list in a matter of weeks. As a tribute to her supporters Dr Mikovitz is offering the ebook version free at

The book has a long and revealing preface by Robert F Kennedy, Jr, co-founder and chief spokesperson of Children’s Health Defense. The preface is valuable for its succinct summary of the reason Mikovits poses such a major threat to big Pharma’s vaccine industry and the federal agency that allegedly regulate it.

In 2009, Mikovits and Dr Frank Ruscetti published a study linking a mouse retrovirus knownas XMRV (Xenotropic Murine Retrovirus) to the epidemic of chronic fatigue syndrome that essentially appeared from nowhere in the 1980s. Mukovitz, Ruscetti, and other virologists that XMRV entered the human population via vaccines cultured from mouse brain cells. This discovery had the potential of costing the vaccine industry hundreds of millions of dollars if federal regulators forced them to a) screen all vaccines for XMRV and/or b) recall their vaccines.

Instead Big Pharma and federal regulators conspired to falsely arrest and bankrupt Mikovits, while simultaneously destroying her career.

Kennedy’s preface also provides a long list of doctors and scientists who have been similarly persecuted for challenging “official” medical and scientific orthodoxy. The list includes

  • Ignaz Semmelweiss – committed to a mental institution in 1865 (where he died 2 weeks later) for trying to introduce handwashing to prevent child bed fever.
  • Herbert Needleheim – academic career ruined for publishing study linking lead toxicity to brain damage in children in 1979.
  • Rachel Carson – totally vilified in mainstream media for her 1962 book Silent Spring, exposing the dangers of DDT – until President Kennedy defied the FDA and Monsanto by appointing a panel to investigate her findings.
  • Dr Alice Stewart – career destroyed in 1965 when she published paper linking x-rays in pregnant women to childhood cancer.
  • Dr Bernice Eddy – career destroyed for revealing (in 1954) the presence of dangerous live polio viruses in Salk vaccine and (in 1961) the presence of carcinogenic SV40 virus in Salk vaccine.
  • Dr John Anthony – fired from NIH in 1976 for paper concerning lack of proof that flu vaccine prevented influenza.
  • Dr Bart Classen – career destroyed in 2002 for studies linking HIb vaccine to epidemic of juvenile diabetes.
  • Dr Gary Goldman – computer scientist forced to resign in 2002 for study linking chickenpox vaccine to shingles in children.

The book itself chronicles Dr Mikovitz’s harrowing account of being stalked, thrown in jail, bankrupted, and expelled from academia that she describes in the film Plandemic.

For me personally, the most interesting part of the book concerns research into the high incidence of gut problems and autism in children of women with XMRV-related chronic fatigue syndrome. Here Mikovitz credits Dr Andy Wakefield (another doctor systematically vilified for a study linking the MMR vaccine with autism)* for uncovering the “gut-brain” connection.

*The controversy Wakefield generated led him to lose his medical license in 2010. Despite widespread disinformation in the mainstream media (that he was struck off for fraudulent research), the excuse offered by the British Medical Council was that he ordered (allegedly) “unnecessary tests” on autistic children with gastrointestinal disease. As Likovits outlines in her book, Wakefield was vindicated in 2015 when CDC whistleblower Wiilliam Thompson revealed the CDC had actively covered up links between MMR and autism in reporting 2001-2004 studies.

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