HIGH CRIMES: ‘Classified & Partially Redacted’, Gordon Duff Goes Down The Rabbit Hole….

The JFK Assassination was run by (XXX redacted name of former president) for Ed Lansdale, Ted Shackley, Allan Dulles, President LBJ, and Nixon (who started OP40 for President Eisenhower). The operations in Dallas were run out of LBJ’s lawyers Law firm building on the top floor where the archives reside even to this very day. There were two teams, Team A on one floor and Team B on another floor (retired CIA, retired Army Intel, and retired FBI) all paid for with cemetery style “perpetuity funds”. Team A produced ghost written books that Oswald did it like they did for Norman Mailer who they blackmailed into cooperating–and Team B released actual facts proving the USG did it using the 5 eyes system and the mafia.

JFK assassination


Source – veteranstoday.com

“..There were 5 including US Army Intel, Naval Intel, CIA, and RFK’s secret agent, Oswald who was sent to infiltrate Op40 to stop the plot but was instead set up and prepped as patsy wit the other 4. Tippet was actually supposedly shot by FBI man Liddy according to one insider for not shooting Oswald as ordered”

SM: ..Once inside the CIA ‘Hall of Mirrors’ – everything becomes an enigma within a riddle…

Blockbuster: A monologue by Dr. Preston James with Gordon Duff (classified/partially redacted)

Years ago I was briefed by several high ranking former Intel who knew how these ops were conducted. The most surprising part was that the cover up teams are usually comprised of two or more divergent units, designed to create confusion and prevent anyone from really understanding the ops.

I used to know somebody that trained with OP40 shooters and…

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