Transit Is Drawn to On-Demand Model in Kansas — Uber Lyft

Transit experiments like on-demand, shared rides in small bus-like vehicles could become one of the numerous changes to public transit in a post-COVID-19 world.

Officials in Johnson County, Kan., have announced plans to continue a march toward more flexible options for riders, expanding on an existing pilot program. “Our interest at this point is to address the COVID-19-induced loss of ridership with flex service on low-ridership routes. If we use on-demand flex service instead of running fixed service all day, we believe we can continue to meet essential mobility needs and also conserve resources,” said Josh Powers, business liaison for Johnson County Government.

The intent, said Powers, is not to replace all fixed routes with flex service — where riders hail a transit vehicle generally with an app, much like interfacing with Uber or Lyft — or even to necessarily make the move permanent […]

via Transit Is Being Drawn to an On-Demand Model in Kansas — Uber Lyft

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